I AM FREE!!!!!

Today’s surgery went splendidly! I’m home, resting, and feeling fabulous.

Aside from the burning sensation when I … you know … pee.

Cause it hurts.


I’ll leave you to figure out why.

But on the flip side, I am now 100% STONE FREE. And 100% Stent free. FREE, I TELL YOU! Which means I can go back to living a normal life again.

As soon as this burning sensation subsides.

Thank God for drugs!

P.S. Thanks to Scott for guest blogging for me on Tuesday. While it isn’t exactly true that I am buds with O.J. Simpson or Osama bin Laden, I want to warn all of you dear readers (and voters) about an unholy alliance I have uncovered between our dear Mr. O-Rama and kooky Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. See for yourself… if you dare:

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I'm having surgery! And I CAN'T WAIT!

Ok you’re either thinking I’ve completely lost my marbles (as if begging for money for a camera wasn’t crazy enough), or I’m very, very sick.

Well, you may be partially right in both cases.  Actually, I am having surgery next Tuesday.  It is minor, outpatient surgery, so there is really nothing to be alarmed about.  The thing is, the surgery I’m having can potentially improve my quality of life 100 fold.

Now this may get a bit icky, but here goes… remember in May when I had that nasty bout with the kidney stone?  Well, if you recall, they put a stent in my ureter to help coax it out.  And they gave me a prescription to help break up the stone and move it out freely (or so they hoped).

Well, folks, that never happened.  It’s now November– yes, SIX months later– and the stone, or fragments of it, it STILL in there.

So my new doctor is going in (you know where) to remove the stent and break up that little son of a bitch once and for all.


Let me tell you what life has been like for the last six months.  I wake up and I immediately have to pee.  I eat something for breakfast (maybe) and I have to pee.  I leave for work, get to work, and I have to pee.  I work for a few hours and, whoops, I have to pee.  I eat lunch and I RUN to the bathroom afterward because I have to pee.  Work for a few more hours and, whaddya know, I’ve gotta pee again.  Pack up and get ready to go home… but wait, gotta pee again.  Leave work, get home, open my door, and nearly trip over my cats while I whip off my coat because– guess what– I’ve REALLY gotta pee.

Nobody should have to pee this much.  And in most cases, I probably don’t… but because that stent is still there, I constantly feel like I have to pee.

And then there is the issue of the pain.  Sometimes the pain is so bad I can barely stand it.  Other times I can barely feel anything.  It hurts more and lingers longer when I do anything strenuous– like climbing stairs a lot or walking long distances.  My bike sat chained all summer long because I couldn’t bear to ride it.  I’ve been driving to work every day for the last six months because walking to the train station, waiting for a train, and then RIDING the train would be sheer torture.  I’ve gained at least 15 pounds due to inactivity just because it hurt too much to do anything else.

It has really, really sucked… and I am SO ready to be free of this once and for all.

So even though next week is “Hell week” for the chorus show, I am taking two days off to remove this monster from my body.  And hopefully I will be able to stand and sing without any pain.  Hopefully, come Monday, I won’t have to drive to work because it hurts too much to walk… hopefully I can ride with all the other ‘normal’ people again.  And hopefully my visits to the bathroom will become less and less frequent– and certainly less painful.

I’ve never been so happy to have surgery in all my life.  I hope I will never have to be this happy ever again!