Picture Post: Labor Day Weekend

Gettin' Smiley

Labor Day weekend usually, for me, involves taking a trip somewhere — be it Saugatuck or up north in Wisconsin, or just about anywhere else.  It rarely involves staying home.

Well that’s just what I did this year… and a lot of my friends did the same.  We tried planning a trip somewhere, but in the end we all decided to have a “Staycation.”

And that was definitely the best choice.

On Friday I joined a few of my friends in lovely Hammond, Indiana to see Sarah Silverman live at the new “Venue” at the Horseshoe Casino.  She was funny, and I enjoyed her set a lot.  After that we headed back to Chicago for a few drinks.  The next day was day one at Hollywood Beach.  I hadn’t made it to the beach once this summer, and I was determined to do so before the summer got away from me completely.  I’m so glad I did.  The weather was perfect, the boys were plentiful, and my friends were there and we had a simply wonderful time.

The plan for most of my friends was to make it a three-day beach weekend, but I had other plans.  On Saturday night, after I got back from the beach, I grabbed my things and headed up to my mom’s in Kenosha.  I spent the night up there, and the next day my sister and her family came up and we spent the day with my adorable nieces.  They’re almost 7 months old now and growing cuter and funnier and more lovable by the second.  Abby recently cut her first teeth, and Emily is not very far behind.  Being their Uncle has already been so wonderful and rewarding.  I love those two little angels.

I headed back to Chicago on Sunday night and on Monday it was “Back to the Beach” again.  And while I was mingling with friends, laughing, enjoying the sunshine and the warm air, my friend Jeremy and I decided that this was one of the best Labor Days we ever had.  Gorgeous weather, gorgeous boys, and right in our own backyard.  We didn’t have to drive or spend a lot of money.  Can’t get much better than that.

The weekend capped off a really great summer for me.  I feel happier, calmer, and better than I have in many years.  After the pain of 2006 and the readjustment of 2007, 2008 has shaped up to be a pretty great year.

I might as well just make it official…

I’m taking a brief sabbatical.  I’ve been having a really fun summer – between traveling to Michigan to more frequent visits with the family and my nieces, making new friends and having fun with other friends, things have been pretty busy for me lately.  I keep wanting to blog about what’s been going on, but to summarize everything would either take too many posts or make one extremely long and boring post.  So… in the interest of just enjoying myself and coming back when I’m ready, I’ll officially say that I’m on hiatus for now.

If something incredibly urgent comes up, I’ll post, but until then… see you in the fall! 😀

Live! Sort of! on Feast of Fools!

Just a quick note to let you know that I joined Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion on today’s epsiode of Feast of Fools! Check it out by clicking here:

Originally uploaded by feastoffools

Rick on Feast of Fools!

I’ll be heading up to Milwaukee with them for Milwaukee Pride Fest. I haven’t been there since probably 1997 or so, so it’ll be fun to go “back to my roots” a bit. Plus the weather should be hot and steamy, which means lots of pictures of hot boys. 🙂

Avenue Q Touring CastI saw Avenue Q on Tuesday and LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! I’ve been enjoying the cast recording for a few years now but had never seen the show on stage, and it was so much more wonderful and adorable and cute on stage than just the cast recording alone. I want to see it again and again, but sadly it’s leaving Chicago after this weekend. I’m hoping it comes back for a repeat appearance or maybe even a long run very soon.

So that’s what’s been happening… more to come soon. Hope you have a great weekend!

Re-igniting the fire

Full Moon Festival
Fire twirler at the Full Moon Jam, Foster Beach, Chicago.

I’m back.  Did you miss me?

It’s ok, you can say no.  I won’t be mad.  Really, I won’t!

After all, I’m the one who practically abandoned my own blog– you didn’t do anything. 

So yeah I took a little break.  I needed it.  Badly.  I won’t get into the whole story of why I was gone for so long.  Just know that I needed the break, and now I’m back and feeling a lot more energized.

So what’s been up with me lately? 

Well for starters, I’ve been hanging out with friends again, keeping busy with work, watching my beautiful nieces grow up like weeds (see the pictures below), meeting new friends, cleaning up my financial situation, and preparing for an exciting summer.

And that was only in the last week or two.

I’ve also dealt with a horrible case of writer’s block for the past few months.  So instead of pressuring myself to come up with something witty or clever or not-so-depressing, I chose to chill for a while. 

But now I feel like the clouds are clearing and brighter days are ahead.  So time to sally forth and see what happens.

Thanks for coming back. 

 Me with Emily

Abby with Grandma Aiello