While cleaning out a closet yesterday, I found this poem that I wrote a few years ago. It was inspired by a story my ex told me just before he went into rehab; just before everything ended between us.

I thought I had lost this a long time ago. It’s somewhat coincidental that I found it… seeing as today is my ex’s birthday.

So, wherever you are… this one’s for you.


As I laid on a rock
At the edge of the water,
I looked up into the night sky.

There I saw it.

A lonely satellite.
Moving steadily,
Across the night sky.
Orbiting the earth,
Its blinking light
In constant search of
But never reaching its end.

Constant… continual.

How lonely it must be,
I thought,
To be up there,
Circling the earth,
Looking down upon it.

And then I thought,
How beautiful it must be
To be so high
So far removed
So peaceful.
Oh, how I could think up there.
How I could solve my problems
With no interruptions…
No distractions…
No compulsions…
To change my course.

Oh, what a marvelous view!
To see the world
From this perspective.

How insignificant I seem!
When viewed at that height.

But how wonderful is life!
When you see the full picture.

The satellite moved on
And drifted off into the horizon.
I awoke from my dream
Gazing into the stars
And at once felt peace.
I knew my quest had just begun.

No matter how lonely,
No matter how insignificant,
I am a part of this beautiful world.
I must make myself matter,
If only to me.
I must love myself,
As well as others.

And I must do it