I Love New York – 33-29!

Tonight, the New York State Senate passed the bill allowing full GAY MARRIAGE in the state.  This is incredibly significant for equal civil rights, because the precedence set by this passage could pave the way for other states to pass the same legislation.

The bill was passed with provisions protecting religious organizations if they wished to not allow gay marriage, or to refuse couples from using their buildings and/or halls for such celebrations.  These provisions absolutely MAKE SENSE, because they are perfectly within their right to disallow such things under the proclivity of religious freedom.  The provisions greatly helped the bill to pass, and the bill passed with bi-partisan support.

It hit me earlier today that this historic vote falls as the anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots of 1969 approaches.  That this event is taking place now, on the eve of that anniversary, in the same state where it occurred, is incredibly moving.

I created the above image just as the vote was taking place.  The moment it passed, it became my Facebook profile picture, and within minutes, many of my other friends started to use it as their picture.

Feel free to pass it around.  And proclaim your love for New York loud and proud!

Happy Pride, indeed!





I Believe In Love

Please click “Play” below.

OK… I’m singing this song for a very good reason… other than it being an amazing song by three amazing artists (The Dixie Chicks).

Today, across the country, thousands of people will be protesting in cities from coast to coast about the passage of Propositions 8, 2 and 102 in California, Florida and Arizona. These propositions changed their states’ constitutions to exclusively deny the rights of GLBT people to marry. These protests are being carried out because we, as GLBT people, feel that constitutions should not be written to DENY people rights- but to GIVE them rights. By passing these hurtful and mean-spirited amendments, these states have done just that, and that is WRONG.

Here in Chicago, most of my friends will be protesting this along with our brothers and sisters across the country. I, however, will not be able to protest because I will be with my mom up in Wisconsin. Therefore, I am singing this song as my way of protesting this injustice.

I realize my method of protest may not exactly be kosher or even traditional. I’ve been trying for the past few weeks now to find a way to express myself about this issue and I just couldn’t find a way — until now. I feel bad that I can’t be at the protests… but I had to let my voice be heard.

I believe in love. And love does not discriminate.

Thank you for listening.