All is right with the world (for now!)

My car is fixed and running better than ever. In fact it’s like a brand-new car– the clutch is so sensitive I practically have to re-learn how to drive it!  It’s wonderful.

My sister is home from the hospital and resting peacefully.  She and the babies are healthy.  This weekend I’m taking my mom to see her, and we’re both looking forward to it.

One of my friends had a string of bad luck as well– his cat died and is iPod was stolen.  Last night my friends and I got together for his birthday and gave him his present:  a new iPod and lots of love and support. 

Bad things happen in big bunches.  But eventually, everything seems to right itself and things don’t seem so bad. 

Let’s hope that all stays right with the world from now until the end of the year (at least).  As we enter the holiday season, I think that’s all we can ask for!

Ever have one of these days?

So I woke up on Saturday and got myself going a bit faster than usual.  I had to get out and buy myself a long-sleeve black dress shirt for a chorus gig I was scheduled to participate in later that night.  If I didn’t hustle my ass, I’d be the only one there without one.

Now, of course, this begs one to ask, “You didn’t have a black dress shirt already?”  Well, no.  I didn’t.  I just never thought I would need one– until now.

So I zipped out to the new Target store that opened a few months ago, less than 10 minutes away from me.  I didn’t need high fashion.  I just needed something now.

Luckily they had one in my size.  I grabbed it, along with a few other things, and headed to the checkout.

Naturally, when I got to the register, the checkout girl (who didn’t remind me at all of SNL’s Target Lady) couldn’t find a price tag on my shirt.  So she looked inside the shirt at its manufacturing tag and keyed in the code.

It rang up for $4.95.


I didn’t say a word.  She kept on ringing.

Now, when I picked up the shirt, I clearly saw the sign on the display that showed the shirts were being sold for $24.99.  Is it wrong of me to not say anything?  No… she could have easily done a price check and had a manager confirm it.  But she just kept on ringing… and I just kept my mouth shut, paid, and left.

Score one for me!

So I get home and park the car across from my apartment building.  I get out, and catch sight of something on the ground, just behind my car.

A folded-up $10 dollar bill.

There was nobody around.  And there were no cars behind mine.  So I scooped up the bill, checked it for authenticity (you never can be too sure), and slipped it in my pocket.

Score TWO for me.

So let’s recap here:

I bought a shirt and paid only $5 for it, then came home and found a $10 bill.

I got PAID to go shopping on Saturday.

Life is pretty damn good!