Happy Halloween!

I’ve never been much for dressing up in costumes for Halloween, but it’s so much fun to see the creativity that goes on each year.

My friends Marc and Fausto of Feast of Fools invited our friend Michael Lehet to join them to dress up as pandas this year, and they are having quite a lot of fun with it.  They’ve been doing some really great videos this week on the Feast of Fools website while dressed in their panda outfits and makeup.  Here’s one of all three of them doing the “Panda Dance” to the song “Jung Hwa Ban Jum.” I have no idea what it really means, but it’s hysterical to watch.

And while I’m at this, if you would be so kind as to vote for the Feast of Fools gang for the annual Podcast Awards, I’d greatly appreciate it. They are up for Best GLBT Podcast and People’s Choice (Podcast of the Year) this year. They’ve won Best GLBT Podcast for the past two years, and I really want them to win BOTH awards this year!!! I’m an occasional guest on their show (here my most recent appearance), so this award would mean a lot to me as well. Vote every day, once a day!

And if pandas and podcasts aren’t your game.. here’s something you might enjoy: My nieces, Abby (the flower) and Emily (the kitty), dressed in their first Halloween costumes. If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings for all that’s CUTE in the world, I don’t know what will!  Happy Halloween!

Sonseed: Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine

This amazingly catchly little 80’s ska ditty is making its way through YouTube like wildfire, and it’s easy to see why.  There are lots of people who claim it’s false- saying it was created as a joke in the first place, and isn’t actually from the 1980s at all.  There are also claims that no religious program in their right mind would have allowed a band to sing such lyrics as:

Once I tried to run,
I tried to run and hide.
But Jesus came and found me,
and He touched me deep inside.
He is like a mountie,
He always gets his man.
And He’ll zap you any way he can.



But who cares?  It’s hysterically funny in a campy sorta way… and you have to love it just for that.

Special thanks to JonPaul of Tasithoughts for sharing this on the Feast of Fools forums.

Live! Sort of! on Feast of Fools!

Just a quick note to let you know that I joined Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion on today’s epsiode of Feast of Fools! Check it out by clicking here:

Originally uploaded by feastoffools

Rick on Feast of Fools!

I’ll be heading up to Milwaukee with them for Milwaukee Pride Fest. I haven’t been there since probably 1997 or so, so it’ll be fun to go “back to my roots” a bit. Plus the weather should be hot and steamy, which means lots of pictures of hot boys. 🙂

Avenue Q Touring CastI saw Avenue Q on Tuesday and LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! I’ve been enjoying the cast recording for a few years now but had never seen the show on stage, and it was so much more wonderful and adorable and cute on stage than just the cast recording alone. I want to see it again and again, but sadly it’s leaving Chicago after this weekend. I’m hoping it comes back for a repeat appearance or maybe even a long run very soon.

So that’s what’s been happening… more to come soon. Hope you have a great weekend!

Channeling Mae West?

Marc, Me and FaustoSorry for the lack of posts this week.  I’ve been crazy busy at work, and when I haven’t been working there, I’ve been working at home on re-writing the Wikipedia page for my friends at Feast of Fools Podcast.  It’s been quite the challenge, seeing as how I’ve never written a Wikipedia page before, but I’ve learned a lot and (hopefully) tomorrow it will be up again. 

In the meantime, last night Fausto and Marc invited me over to record an episode of the Feast of Fools Podcast!  So if you want to hear me on todays show (where I do a mean impersonation of Mae West), click here and check it out!