Red Red Line

Red Red Wine
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Preface:  I have a CTA tracker app on my Android phone, and on the menu, the CTA Red Line shows up as “Red Red Line.”  I’m not sure why this is, but I can’t help but think of the classic Neil Diamond/UB40 tune “Red Red Wine” every time I see it.  So one day, I came up with some words for that song:

Red red line
Riding the train
Homeless and businessmen
Riding together

Red red line
Going to work
Everyone looks as if
They just woke up
They just woke up

Pay my fare
Catch the train
Monotony of the morning
Read a book
Read the news
It’s the same thing every day…

Red red line
I hope I find a seat
Why does this train move slow
I’ll be late for work
I’ll be late for work!

Do you have more verses for the song?  Add them in the comments.  How about the rap portion of the UB40 version?  That’d be funny. 🙂

Farewell, Grand Viagra!

It’s been a great run, but this week I decided to retire my little white putt-putt– my 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara, lovingly known as the “Grand Viagra.”

I got the Grand Viagra in 2006, shortly after my dad died.  My old car took a dump and became scrap shortly after his funeral.  When my cousin’s grandma died later that year (my long-time readers — all 2 of you — will recall that 2006 was a terrible year for my family), I had to rent a car to come home for the funeral.

I bought the car from my co-worker, and it was in really great shape when I got it.  But I am tough on cars, and this one is no exception.  The fact that it had a manual transmission probably didn’t help matters.  I can ride a clutch like nobody’s business, and I wrecked two on this car.  Maybe I never learned how to drive a manual correctly– but two clutches in the span of 5 years is a lot– and a lot of money.

Still, the little Grand Viagra was a great car.  I loved that it was a mini-SUV– mini enough that it could fit into tight parking spots that you would never have thought it would fit into.  It transported tons of camping equipment and even my bike a few times; and I don’t know what I would have done without it when I moved last year.

But time took its toll, and earlier this year I did a bunch of major repairs that probably cost more than the car was worth.  Last week, the final nail was tapped– the “Service Engine Soon” light came. on.  The damage was somewhere in the $800-900 range.  I decided that it was time to retire the girl.

I’ll still have the car until I find something new, so I can use it– for what it’s worth– as some sort of trade-in.  So tonight after work and the gym, I will pick up the tired old girl, drop a few gallons of gas in her tank, and drive her home, where she will sit and wait for the day when I either decide to trade her in or sell her off; only being moved for street cleaning and to avoid tickets for being abandoned (they do that here in Chi-Town, you know).

In the meantime, I’m a total public transportation guy.  Which is probably a good thing.  I needed to start being smarter about that anyway.

Snowy car

My car in a huge hole!

Autumn street