Holiday Hiatius!

Hi… just checking in. I’ve been pretty busy lately with chorus and work. The chorus show, “Revolt of the Elves,” is gearing up quickly and it looking to be a really fun show. And work of course is keeping me busy, which is good – employment is GOOD! 😀

Since this is Thanksgiving week, I’m pretty much going to take the week off. So while I’m away, I’m leaving you with a funny video that has captured my heart in the last few days.

I love YouTube for many reasons, but one of the best things about it are the clips from old game shows and other TV shows long gone. I found this great clip from the old game show “The Joker’s Wild” that had me laughing for 15 minutes solid a couple days ago.

Sophie was a former postal worker from Los Angeles, and she was a contestant on the “The Joker’s Wild” the early ’70s. Sophie made quite an impression. She may not have known many (or any) of the answers (except one!), but she answered everything with CONVICTION and she did exactly what she set out to do … have fun!

I don’t know whatever happened to Sophie, but you’ve just gotta love her wonderful positive energy.

Oh, and if you don’t have much time, you HAVE to wait until she answers the question about dinosaurs. You’ll never laugh so hard!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Out with the old, in with the NEW!

The new iPod Classic 160 GBSo here’s what happened…

I brought in my old iPod to the Apple Store, where I found out that my extended warranty had expired in July.  How utterly convenient.

I explained the problems I had been having with my iPod, and they said that it would cost me $250 to replace it with the same model.


I could turn in the clunker my old trusty friend and receive 10% off a new iPod.

I chose the latter, and decided to trade up– way up.

So I got a 160 GB iPod Classic.

I never said I wasn’t a size queen. 🙂