Marriott’s Great America Soundtrack

Hello, fans!  Below are snippets and full songs from each section of the Marriott’s/Six Flags Great America. Some songs fade into different songs from different sections halfway through.

During the songs you may hear occasional sounds such as Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck saying something, as well as some ambient “park sounds” such as a roller coaster going up a hill. This is because the CD was created for a job fair some years ago and was used as background music during the fair. In addition, you may hear some announcements sprinkled throughout– “Lost Parents” and “Group Leaders are meeting at such-and-such place.”

I tried my best to identify what songs came from what section, but it’s been a while since I’ve been to the park and been able to listen to each song… so I might be wrong!  Forgive me.  (If you happen to know what’s wrong and what’s right… leave me a comment below.)

Enjoy and relive the memories of Marriott’s Great America!

(Note: The file names will be as I originally identified them; but the link names are correct, thanks to some sharp ears out there.  To download just right-click on the links and select “Save link as..”  All files are MP3 files.)

Carousel Plaza
Carousel Plaza 2
County Fair 1
County Fair 2
County Fair 3
Front Gate
Front Gate 2
Hometown Square
Hometown Square “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”
Orleans Place 1
Orleans Place 2
Yukon Territory
Yukon Territory 2
The Demon Soundtrack (Original Track)
The Demon Soundtrack- REMASTERED (fixed audio glitches and poor stereo tracking)
The Carousel Song
Closing Announcement
Looney Tunes Theme

17 thoughts on “Marriott’s Great America Soundtrack

  1. “Southwest Territory” (hometown-2.mp3) is from Hometown Square.
    “Hometown Square 1” (hometown-square-2.mp3) is from Yukon Territory.
    “Hometown Square 2” (hometown-square1.mp3) is from County Fair.

    Thanks so much for posting these! Do you know where I might be able to find the music that is played in the Scenic Railway and on Sky Trek Tower?

  2. Thanks Michael — Oddly enough, someone told me a few years ago that this clip was from Southwest, so I changed it. Looks like I was right in the first place!

    I’ll fix the other two. Thanks for the comment!

    As for the other two soundtracks– I haven’t been able to locate either of them. Are they both the same? I think I heard the Sky Trek music on a video on YouTube recently, but it was while the ride was operating. I think it’s an amalgamation of Looney Toons songs into a soundtrack, if I’m not mistaken.


  3. Yes, they are the same, and I do believe you’re correct about them being comprised of music from Looney Tunes cartoons.

    Did Yankee Harbor have its own soundtrack before Batman came in? I vaguely recall hearing something in the V2 line other than the Batman music.

  4. It did– as far as I know it may still play somewhere. I seem to recall it had a lot of pipes, kind of like a calliope. It’s pretty hard to find– and wasn’t represented on the CD at all.

  5. Oh, and “County Fair 3” and “Yukon Territory 2” need to be swapped. I know that was confusing with both having Hometown in their file names.

  6. Hi Rick !
    I worked at SFGA from ’96 through ’99.
    I’ve seeking these songs for YEARS !! Thank you so much.
    Fred, from France.

  7. By the way I also wonder if the Character Cafe TV channel music is available somewhere. The one when the date and park hours were shown on screen… You had it in your head all day long after lunch but I’d love to hear it again !!

  8. I haven’t heard this in so many years….. I worked at Marriott’s Great America – In Santa Clara in County Fair and Yukon Territory for a few years in the 80’s while I was in college. Is there some way I can get the whole Great America Soundtrack? thanks for the trip down Memory Lane… ^_^

  9. This is so cool and brings back some really good memories. Thank you! What is the name of the song under the title Hometown Square? I love it and have always wanted to know the name

    1. The Hometown Square songs are all virtually all ragtime songs written by the great Scott Joplin. Look up Scott Joplin on iTunes and YouTube, sit back, and be blown away when you hear all the songs they played in Hometown Square and can finally put a name and a date to them. They were all written between 1899 (Maple Leaf Rag) and 1914 (Magnetic Rag). Try riding the Whizzer countless times for years, hearing this music, falling in love with it and never knowing what it was. Fast forward to a junior college class eight years later in a music appreciation class where the teacher introduces ragtime and plays these songs. I went out to the record store straight away and bought the Scott Joplin collection. Every song is piano masterpiece, very hard to play and has a story. It is the earliest form of Jazz. Enjoy!

    2. The Hometown Square songs listed here include the famous Scott Joplin ragtime tune, “The Entertainer.” Written in 1902, it and all the other scores of rags written by Joplin were forgotten after his death from syphilis in 1917 and with the end of the First World War. With the making of the film, “The Sting,” Joplin experienced a huge and well-deserved Renaissance. This African American composer and pianist has experienced a long overdue recognition like Alan Turing has in Britain. “The Sting,” made in 1972, came out before the Great America parks opened in 1976, perhaps explaining why they were chosen as part of the wonderful soundtrack that still thankfully exists today. The other song, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” was written in 1910 by a songwriting duo whose song continues to be played to evoke this seemingly more innocent time period. Most recently, a centenarian guest sang the song to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show” in 2012. It’s been played numerous times in films and Gene Kelly and otjer musica Stars brooght it back too!

  10. Demon music… This is funny. Glad to see people are passing the song around. I worked in the sound technical services at great America in Gurnee in 1995. I remembered the song and told the told the guys how great it was so we dug up the real to real master. The tape from the 70’s was garbage and while I was recording it to cassette it stretched. that’s why you can hear the slow down in the music at the beginning. Rudy also thought that it would be nostalgic to record just parts of the recording to play in the park again but that it was too corny to play the whole thing. So, we did that also.

    I held on to the tape until 2005 when I was moving my bands recordings from tape to cd. So, I cleaned it up and converted it to mp3.

    Today I was going through my tapes before my tape deck dies for good and I came across one you don’t have. The teaser for the tidal wave. I just converted it to mp3 from tape today. World premiere here on your page!

    [audio src="" /]

    best regards, Joel Schlecht

    1. This is awesome!! Thank you for the story and for sharing this with me. I’ll add that and give you the credit, of course. 🙂

  11. Thank you all for the sound bites! I always loved the Dixieland music from when I was a kid and remembered dancing around on the street whenever I walked into the areas. Truly some great memories of Great America. Thanks so much!

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