My TV Season Premiere Reviews (So Far):

The Playboy Club – B- It’s got hints of the style and the 60s flair, but I wish it was kicked up a notch.  The mystery aspect is cool, and they do get the Chicago Way down pretty good.  The Bunny costumes and the club itself are pretty swanky, but I wish the hair and makeup… Continue reading My TV Season Premiere Reviews (So Far):

RIP Soap Operas?

The recent shocking announcement  that not one, but two classic, long-running Soap Operas, ABC’s “One Life To Live” and “All My Children,” had been cancelled sent shock waves through the entertainment community and all who have watched Soap Operas over the years. While I didn’t watch either of these shows (save for a brief time in… Continue reading RIP Soap Operas?

My Top 10 Classic 1970’s Commercials

As I grow ever nearer to my 40th birthday (less than a month away!) I decided it’s time to start taking a little trip down memory road and bring back some things I remember from my childhood. To start, I have assembled my Top 10 most memorable 1970’s commercials.  Growing up as a child of… Continue reading My Top 10 Classic 1970’s Commercials