My TV Season Premiere Reviews (So Far):

The Playboy Club – B- It’s got hints of the style and the 60s flair, but I wish it was kicked up a notch.  The mystery aspect is cool, and they do get the Chicago Way down pretty good.  The Bunny costumes and the club itself are pretty swanky, but I wish the hair and makeup… Continue reading My TV Season Premiere Reviews (So Far):

Definitive Holiday Songs

Each Holiday season, we are inundated with new releases by semi-new or washed-up artists trying to capitalize on the Holiday music phenomenon. And each year, many of these recordings either fade into the woodwork of bland reproductions of the same tired carols. But sometimes a shining star emerges and, while the entire album may not… Continue reading Definitive Holiday Songs

Live! Sort of! on Feast of Fools!

RickAiello2008-iTunes Just a quick note to let you know that I joined Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion on today’s epsiode of Feast of Fools! Check it out by clicking here: Originally uploaded by feastoffools Rick on Feast of Fools! I’ll be heading up to Milwaukee with them for Milwaukee Pride Fest. I haven’t been there… Continue reading Live! Sort of! on Feast of Fools!