Call me

Sunday night was CGMC‘s Oscar party, and it was a great party. The drinks were flowing, the food was delicious and the party guests were lovely — male, female and in-between. 🙂

I decided to wear my tuxedo, but instead of the tie and the white shirt and all that, I went with a blue sateen shirt with the collar open. I also got a haircut and fixed it up a little differently.

I have to admit, I was lookin’ pretty good.

Historically at this party, I have had pretty good luck meeting a guy. Some turned into some dating experiences, some turned into shorter-term experiences. But there’s just something about Oscar night, and I’m usually very much “on”.

This night was no different, I’m happy to say.

Toward the end of the telecast, I was standing with my friend Jeremy, watching the show, when a very handsome guy sidled up next to me with his friend. And almost as if it were meant to happen, the handsome guy started talking to me and his friend started talking to Jeremy.

And then he gave me that look.

You know the one. The look that says “I’ve been checking you out from afar, and now that I’m up close, I still like what I see.” Yeah, that look. I’ve seen it before. I like that look. A lot.

The new handsome guy told me that he and his friend were just at another bar and were bored so they came over to see what was happening at Sidetrack. I told him I was glad they came over. And then we smiled at each other.


I had a few free drink coupons left in my pocket so I took two out and asked him if he’d like a drink. He said sure… in fact, he’d order for us. So I gave him the tickets and a few minutes later he came back with our drinks.

I asked him if his friend was his boyfriend or just a friend, and he replied (to my relief) that he was, indeed, just a friend. I must have smiled because the next thing I knew he had his arm around me. So I returned the gesture.

Now usually I don’t move so fast with a guy in a crowded bar like this, but folks, this guy was a hottie. And I don’t turn down hotties. Unless they’re assholes. And this guy wasn’t an asshole. At least from what I could tell so far.

At this point my mind started racing. “What should I do? Should I take him home with me? Nah. I don’t want a one-night-stand out of this. But what if that’s what he wants? Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt. Hmmmm.”

So I asked him where he lived, and he said “Well, that’s the crappy part about tonight, actually. I live in Gurnee, up near Waukegan.”

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell.

“I know Gurnee well,” I replied. “I worked there for many years. I’m from Kenosha originally.”

“Ahhh Kenowhere,” He joked. It’s an old joke. But I didn’t mind.

“Yes… so how are you getting home then?” I asked.

“Well that’s the other crappy part. I have to take a train home,” he said, sheepishly.

“Oh, the Metra? What time is the train?” I asked, hoping it was a late train.

“10:45… and it’s 9:15 now.”

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell.

“Well, then, I guess I’ll just have to get to know you while you’re here, and we can get together another time and continue… what do you say?” I said, trying to make the most of the situation.

“Sounds good to me,” he replied, and put his hand into mine.

So there was hand-holding, and talking, and eventually kissing from that point. And it was hot, steamy, intense kissing, too. I’m not usually one to make a big “make-out” scene in a bar like that, but my time was limited, and I wanted to enjoy it until he had to leave. The problem with this is, I knew just about EVERYONE at the bar that night. So no place was safe– not a dark corner or a hidden area to be found. But I didn’t care. I was with a handsome man and we liked each other. Let their tounges wag.

The time came for him to leave to catch his train. We exchanged numbers and he promised to call. I walked him to the door and we shared one last kiss before he left.

After he left, I text messaged him. “Call me,” it said.

He still hasn’t called.

But I remain hopeful. For now.

I survived Christmas 2005!

All that griping, groaning and whining… and in the blink of an eye it’s all over.

In the end, though, this Christmas wasn’t so bad after all. The only downer was that my sister and her husband weren’t there, but she did call on Christmas morning, so it was nice to hear from her anyway.

And spending time with family and friends are really what make the season so wonderful after all. As I get older, I find myself seeing them less and less throughout the year. It’s sad, but that’s how things go sometimes. I think the last time I saw my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, her baby and family was in June for the baby’s first birthday. I couldn’t believe how much time had obviously passed since then! The kid is already walking and starting to talk! Where did the time go???

The baby was, of course, the hit of the party. Not only is she drop-dead adorable, she also has such a personality. At one point early in the evening, we were all gathered around my Aunt’s basement TV watching a holiday special. One segment featured a marching band and she immediately started jumping up and down and clapping her hands to the music. Suddenly, she turned around and looked straight at me. I was fixated on her watching the show and having so much fun. She ran over, grabbed my hands and motioned them to start clapping, as if to indicate that “You have to clap too!” I couldn’t believe how this tiny little thing, only 1 1/2 years old, was able to take charge of that situation and make me absolutely melt. After a few seconds to make sure I was clapping along, she ran back to the TV, only to turn around again after a while to admonish me a second, then a third and a fourth time. By the fifth time, I was in hysterics.

This tiny little girl completely made me forget my Scrooge-like attitude about Christmas. She had so much life and energy and joy about the whole holiday, that I realized that I had forgotten what it was like to be a kid at Christmastime. I forgot the joy of anticipation, the mystery of Santa Claus, and the thrill of wonderful gifts to play with and enjoy. I forgot about the stories, the goodies, the hugs from grown-ups, and the warmth of family.

It’s times and situations like this where I mourn the possibility that I may never have children of my own. To see this one slice of life through a child’s eyes is so fascinating to me, and so moving– I can only imagine what it must be like to see all of life through a child’s eyes, as he or she starts as a tiny infant and grows into an adult. I see my parents and how they look at my sister and I, and although it makes me sad because we are all getting older, and that’s never fun– the love they have for us, and the warmth in every wish they have for us make me long to experience that part of life as well.

Maybe I will get to experience it someday. Maybe I will meet the right person to spend the rest of my life with, and we will go down that road together. But right now it seems a distant possibility. In the meantime, I have my family and their families to experience those joys with, however often those experiences may be.

That is something to be thankful for, and to celebrate throughout the year.

So I hope you and your families and friends had a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday you celebrated. I hope you experienced the love and the wonderful joy of family and friendship wherever you were, and are able to experience many more times in the future.

Date update (for real!)

I was a little worried when I called the boy tonight and instead of him picking up the phone, I got a fax machine.

“Great,” I thought to myself. Here comes the blow-off. I just know it’s going to happen. After all, I do hardly know this guy, and for all I know, the whole “I lost my wallet at school” story could have been just that– a story.

Before I continue, I must stress that yes, the “boy,” as I am calling him, is in school, but is by no means a “boy.” He’s a 33-year-old man. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I started being accused of anything salacious. 🙂

So anyway, about an hour later, he calls me and asks if I got a fax machine when I called. I told him yes and he apologized, saying that his roommate has one attached to their line and it picks up sometimes if it has been left on. Whew… avoidance averted.

Unfortunately, however, he still has not found his wallet, and I could tell that he was feeling rather badly about it. He still wanted to meet, but he wasn’t sure what he could do with no money or ID.

“Don’t worry about that. It’s on me tonight. Let’s just get this off your mind for the night, ok?” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I feel bad that you would pay for everything, but I would certainly make it up to you,” he replied.

“That’s fine,” I said. “It just makes no sense for you to sit at home and mope about it.”

So we agreed to meet at 8:00 at T’s.

At about 7:45, I realized that I had forgotten to make a CD of songs for him like I promised on Wednesday. We had shared a lot about music, and I wanted to share some with him, as he would do the same with me. So I got the songs together and got ready to burn them, when I got an IM from my ex. We chatted for a few minutes before I told him I had to run. By then the CD was finally done. And I was 8 minutes late. SHIT.

Thankfully, T’s is right at the end of my block. So I ran down the street and found him waiting there.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Sometimes when you meet a guy from online, you are let down at the first sight of him in person. Not so in this case. He’s a little guy, only about 5’6″, but I LIKE that. And he’s Italian. And we have a lot of things in common.

We tried to get a table at T’s, but the place was packed. So we decided to wait for an open table at the bar. Of course, that blew up in our faces fast when they asked us for ID’s. Since he didn’t have his on him, we couldn’t wait at the bar. So we decided to leave and go somewhere else.

I didn’t want him to feel bad about this. Hell, I have had a similar experience in my lifetime. I didn’t lose my wallet at school or anything, however. I also didn’t lose it at work. No… my situation is even more embarrassing. A trick, who I had invited into my home, (this was in 1998), had STOLEN my wallet right out of my home. WHILE I was there. So yeah, I understood his dilemma.

We decided to have dinner at a restaurant a few blocks north of there. It was a nice, brisk night, so the walk would be good for us.

Dinner was great, the conversation was non-stop, and we kept each other laughing and interested the whole time. I knew that this would not be a one night affair by any means. And I liked that.

After dinner we got some tea at an independent coffee house down the street. We sat and talked a bit and then walked back to my place.

About halfway there, he asked if he could use my bathroom.

And I, of course, obliged.

So needless to say, we got along wonderfully. 🙂

And he loves Pippin and Screech. 🙂

And he is quite a great kisser. 🙂

And I will probably see him again this weekend. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Date update (sorta)

It was a really really REEEEEEEEEALLY weird day today.

The 5-hour conversation me and the boy had last night lasted until 4:00 AM. Yeah. 4:00 AM.

When I woke up this morning, my ass was dragging on the ground so hard that sparks were flying. So pretty.

I got through the day fairly well. I left to get ready for my duet rehearsal for the CGMC show, A Cowboy Christmas.

I arrived at our director’s home and rang the bell. There was no answer.

I waited about ten minutes, thinking maybe he was running late. Meanwhile, I was wondering where my duet partner was, as he hadn’t shown up either.

After about fifteen minutes, I was freezing my ass off. So I went back to my car and called my director’s house. He wasn’t home.

So I went home.

And checked my Email.

Only to discover that the rehearsal is scheduled for NEXT WEEK.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if my hair is truly bleached blonde.

So I settled on the sofa to finish watching Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy while waiting for the boy to call. He had a class tonight and was going to call when he got done.

He finally called at 10:00, which I expected.

“Rick, you aren’t going to believe the day I’ve had today.” he said.

“I think I can probably relate, since I’ve had sort of a weird day too,” I replied.

“I lost my wallet at school today. I’ve been searching for the last hour and a half for it. I think I left it in a common area, but at this hour the lost and found is closed, so if someone turned it in, I wouldn’t know.”

“Oh man, that sucks. I hope you find it!!” I said.

“So I really feel bad, but can we postpone until tomorrow night?” he asked. “I’m pretty worn out and frustrated right now, and wouldn’t be very good company. Plus, I’m kinda tired after our marathon talk last night.” He giggled a bit. He has the most adorable giggle. It’s very endearing.

“You know what, I’m kinda in the same boat,” and I told him what happened with me today.

So we are postponing the date until tomorrow night. And I’m perfectly fine with that. I hope you can wait another 24 hours for the scoop. 🙂 Hey… if I can wait, you can wait. 🙂

Wish me luck!

So there’s this guy. I’ve been chatting with him on a website that I won’t mention for quite some time now. There’s a lot of interest between us. And he’s really cute…..

Well, last night he called. And we talked. For 5 hours.

I have a date tonight.

Wish me luck! 🙂