Help a brother out!

Feast of FoolsThe Feast of Fools needs your help… and since I’m a fan of their show, and have gotten to know everyone there fairly well on a personal level lately, I want to help them out in any way I can.

They’ve been nominated for two “People’s Choice” Podcast awards: “Best GLBT” and the top category “People’s Choice”, which is essentially a “Podcast of the Year” award for ALL podcasts.  This is a big deal in the world of podcasting.  As awards like these go, these are the most highly-respected of all, and could mean a lot of really great things for them in the future.  They’re actually considered the “Oscars” of podcasting.

So like American Idol, they need you to vote EVERY DAY in order to win.  And I really want them to win.  They are the only GLBT-related podcast up for the top award, and the first GLBT podcast to ever be nominated.

Go to and click on the large VOTE button to cast your daily vote, or just go directly to  Vote for them in the two categories: “People’s Choice” and “GLBT.” Be sure to check your email in case they want to validate your vote… they probably will.

If you’re wondering what the Feast of Fools is all about, visit their site: and give them a listen and join their online community to discuss pop culture, music and the show- check out the shows with Miss Ronnie (who lives just around the corner from me)- they are pretty damn hysterical.

Let’s face it… I won’t be winning any blog or podcast awards in my lifetime… 🙂  But I can do whatever I can to support my friends in their quest… so let’s all give ’em a hand!


First, thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes recently.  Your thoughts have helped me very much.  I’m so touched that there are such great people out there. 

My Eye Problem

They still look a little red, but they are steadily improving every day.  I did a LOT of driving around Thanksgiving– probably too much– but at least I was able to do everything I wanted to do with my family. 

To answer a few questions:  Michael asked what I was looking at to catch this icky problem?  The answer– Ya got me!  I just woke up one day and bam! There it was.  The doctors say that it can just happen suddenly (like me).  In most cases, however, it is an effect of another disease or symptom.  I guess I just got lucky.

Glenn asked why I didn’t post a picture of the grossness of my eye… I almost did!  But then I thought it might gross people out TOO much.  Now in hindsight, I wish I’d done it.  It could have been worth a few laughs (and comments, I’m sure!)

Karen hasn’t been back to comment since I thought it was Pink Eye.  I think I scared her away.  It’s OK Karen, I’m not contagious anymore.  I never was! 🙂

Hustle Up The Hancock

Things are progressing slowly with my training… mainly because I’ve been sick with either a cold or the aforementioned eye problems.  Tomorrow I think I will get back into it.  In my first practice climb, I did 15 flights.  In the second climb, I did 30. So hopefully in my next climb I will reach 40… or maybe even 50.  Considering that I have to reach 94 flights by next February, I think that’s pretty good.  The more I train, the easier it will get.  I just have to get back to training! 

As far as the fundraising goes, I already hit my $300 goal– and exceeded it by $200!  So I am increasing my goal to $1,000!  Hey I’m halfway there already, and I have a few more months to go.  Why not? 🙂

If you’re interested in helping me out, you can click here, or on the little graphic in the sidebar.

The PadCast

I haven’t done a PadCast in quite a while.  I think I’ve pretty much realized that I am a better blogger than I am a podcaster.  And that’s fine.  I’m perfectly comfortable with that realization.  Besides, it’s sometimes hard enough to write something in my blog– putting up a podcast takes at least 10x the work every single time.  Maybe someday I’ll take what I now know and produce a podcast that actually means something.  Until then, I’m just gonna stick to blogging.  Thanks to everyone who listed, though.  You haven’t really heard the last of me yet. 🙂

Sesame Mondays…

Will become Sesame Tuesday this week.  Because I felt like writing something today.  It’s my blog, I can do what I want.  Nyah. 🙂

PadCast Listeners: Take Note!

Please unsubscribe and re-subscribe in iTunes as soon as you can.  I have changed a few things with the feed and you may not be able to download the shows unless you do this. 

Also, you will be seeing a lot more emphasis on the PadCast in coming months.  I’ve already changed the logo of the blog and the name in the title bar… and I’m going to be trying some other new things and see how it works.  Stay tuned. 🙂

Help FoF Win!

It’s crunch time for the Podcasting Awards, folks… and the Feast of Fools needs your help!

Click here and vote for the Feast of Fools for the Best GLBT Podcast!  You can vote once a day per Email address.  So if you have numerous Email addresses, vote with all of them.  Do it.  NOW!

I’m gonna keep bugging you until you do it.  So do it!  Do it for me.  Do it for themDo it for the good guys


My Night With The Feast of Fools

Ok folks… you’ve heard me go on about the Feast of Fools podcast on my blog and on my own podcast before.  But now is the time for you to do something to help them out.  Click here and visit the Podcast Awards website and vote for the Feast of Fools podcast as the best GLBT podcast.  (Yes, I know that other podcasts of which I am a listener are on this list—but we’ll get to that in a minute.)  And if you haven’t subscribed yet, get yourself to iTunes and subscribe to the Feast of Fools Podcast.  If not just because it’s the best damn podcast out there, but because tonight’s show is my first time as a guest on the show!

That’s right… lil’ ol’ me will be on the show with Fausto, Marc, and the fabulous Miss Ronnie!

See, a few months ago, I offered to make dinner for Fausto and Marc.  We’ve been trying to nail down a date and time to do this—but various things, including meet & greets, trips, and family issues have gotten in the way for all of us.  We finally nailed down this week as the week.  Naturally, it’s also the hottest week of the year.  But hey, I’ll do anything for a yummy home-cooked meal. 🙂

So I whipped up some homemade pasta, rolled out some meatballs, tossed a salad (shut up), and went over to their place on Monday night.  We had a lovely dinner with some sangria that Marc made, and were just about to enjoy dessert when Miss Ronnie arrived.  So after Miss Ronnie enjoyed some dinner, we had dessert (Strawberry Shortcake) and then moved into the recording area. 

Now in all honesty, I was content to just observe the magic happening, but Marc told Fausto to get me a microphone and next thing I knew, I was all hooked up. 

Folks, let me tell you, it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  And lest anyone think or say otherwise, Fausto, Marc, and Ronnie are three of the most warm, fun and hilarious people I’ve come across.  It truly was an honor to be a part of it all.

So make sure you download the Feast of Fools podcast and check out the show!  And if you haven’t subscribed yet, take a moment and do so.  And after you’ve laughed so hard you can’t stand it anymore, take another moment and vote for them.  They work hard for your entertainment, and they deserve your vote.

POSTSCRIPT 1: I know there are other very talented podcasts nominated for this and other awards.  Just keep in mind—you can vote once a day.  So feel free to vote for as many people as you wish and spread the wealth of your enjoyment between them.  And good luck to all of the competitors!

POSTSCRIPT 2: I am having a lot of DSL problems, mainly due to the weather, and I can’t stay online for longer than 5-10 minutes at the most– if at all.  So I won’t be able to check Email all that often.  But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has commented and visited lately.  You’re all wonderful. 🙂