ABC's of Me

The weekend is over, so why not a meme?  Thanks to Scott for this gem, through the glory of Facebook.  The instructions below are for Facebook users.  Bloggers may do this however they wish. 
And Facebookers, you don’t HAVE to do it if I tagged you… but if you’d like to, please tag me and let me know!
You’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with the ABC’s of YOU. At the end, choose 26 people to be tagged. You have to tag me so really you just need 25 more people. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you – but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.
(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your ABC’s of Me, tag 26 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

A – Age: 38 …. that still hurts.

B – Bed size: Full.

C – Chore you hate: laundry.

D – Dogs’ name: No dogs, cats.  Pippin and Screech. 

E – Essential start your day item: Water.

F – Favorite color: Green.

G – Gold or Silver: Silver.

H – Height: 6’1″

I – Instruments you play(ed): Organ (hush!) and voice.

J – Job title: Desktop Publisher.  But I prefer Graphic Designer.  Sounds sexier.

K – Kid(s): Just the furry ones.

L – Living arrangements: You mean you haven’t been reading my blog and/or listening to my whining about my moving situation?  Get on the ball already! 🙂

M – Mom’s name: Jill.  Used to be spelled “Gille” but she changed the spelling when she turned 18.

N- Nicknames: Ricko, Champ (my Dad’s nickname), Ricker, Ricardo, Ricky (used to be my main name until 6th grade).

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I had some kind of weird stomach crampy problem in around 7th grade, then I had my tonsils removed and upper palate reconstructed in 2003, then my horrid kidney stone episode of 2007.

P – Pet Peeve: Moronic drivers.  And in a city like Chicago, there are TONS of them.

Q – Quote from a movie: “Meat loaf, meat loaf, double-beet loaf.  I HATE MEAT LOAF!” -A Christmas Story.

R – Right or left handed: Right.

S – Siblings: One younger sister- Beth.

T – Time you wake up: After about 3 snooze button hits.

U- Underwear: Almost always briefs.

V – Vegetable you dislike: Mushrooms, olives.

W – Ways you run late: There are too many to even mention.  I wake up and I’m late. It’s just how I roll.

X – X-rays you’ve had: There aren’t enough words in the English language to descirbe all the X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, Bone Scans and everything in between I’ve had.  

Y – Yummy food you make: I will gladly admit that I am a pretty good cook, but I come by it honestly– Mom, Dad, Nana… they were all great cooks.  I make my own meatballs, homemade pasta (sometimes) and other Italian goodies pretty darn well.  But, despite my favorite movie quote, I do make a mean meat loaf as well… and I LOVE meat loaf!

Z – Zoo favorite: Panda bears.

My 25

Those of us who have been blogging for a few years or more (Yipe- it’s almost been 5 years for me!) have done memes like this before.  Back in “the day,” everyone did “100 Things About Me” lists.  I still have mine, and still update it every so often– in fact, I just updated it a few days ago.

But over on Facebook, the latest craze– aside from wearing Aretha’s Hat— is to do a list of 25 as-yet-unknown facts about oneself.  I’ve been tagged a few times to do this list, but haven’t done mine yet.

So here it is.

Oh… and if you’ve been tagged (this is specifically for Facebook users), that means I’d like to know more about you.  But you’re certainly not obliged to do anything.


1. When I was a kid, I was skinny as a rail, with knobby knees. That all changed in 7th grade.

2. I used to tap dance, and won a few trophies doing so.

3. Even though I’m 38 years old, I have very little gray hair, and no, I don’t dye my hair.  It’s a hereditary thing.

4. In 5th grade, I cut my own bangs — poorly — and blamed it on the barber.  I told people he made a mistake because a firetruck went by just as he was cutting them.  Yeah, I thought I was clever.

5. I taught myself almost everything I know about desktop publishing and graphic design, and have managed to make a decent career of it.

6. I’ve always enjoyed singing.  I have tapes of my mom and I singing Carpenters songs from when I was 3 years old.

7. I started reading at the age of 3.  My parents tried to get me into the “gifted” program, but my math skills were not good enough.  They still aren’t.

8. I have a well-tuned internal compass.  I know which way is North at all times.

9. I like nice things, but I don’t need to have the big labels to make me happy.

10. I refuse to spend more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses.  I’ll only lose or break them anyway.

11. I started shaving when I was 14.  My beard grows so fast, by the end of the day you wouldn’t know I’d shaved that day.

12. I’ve only been in one relationship in my lifetime, and that was 8 years ago.

13. I come from a small family.  I have one sister, one 1st cousin, and I have one aunt and one uncle– a priest– by blood relation.  My mom was an only child.

14. My mom still lives in the house we lived in when I was born.

15. I enjoy sports – baseball and football are my favorites.  I’m a Cubs fan and a Packers fan.  So there.

16. I used to play basketball, football and baseball as a kid.  Of the three, I was only marginally good at basketball and baseball.  I was awful at football.

17. I took swimming lessons for about 5 years when I was little.  I was pretty good at the time.

18. I took organ lessons.  We had an old Sears organ that used to be my Grandma’s, so we took lessons to play it.  I would like to play piano someday.

19. I used to have a cabaret gig at Gentry in Chicago from 2000-2001.  That ended when I got my current job.  Gentry is now closed.

20. The longest job I ever held was at Six Flags Great America.  While I did different things while I was there, and I was seasonal for many of the years I was there; I worked there for 12 years.

21. My first job was at a gift shop/tobacco store in Kenosha, where I grew up.  I was 15 years old.

22. My first car was a burgundy Renault Encore.

23. I had a Big Wheel, a bike with training wheels, and roller skates as a kid.  My childhood was pretty normal.

24. My first dog’s name was Peanut.

25. I’d love to be a dad someday.

Movie Meme – Do you have a life? (My score: 56)

Memes are alive and well… on Facebook!  I took this one and figured I’d share it here as well.  As you can see, I do, indeed, have a life.  I guess I just needed some proof.

I’m not tagging anyone.  That’s so 2005. 


SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 85 films, you have no life. Copy this list, go to your own blog and post it.  Mark the ones you’ve seen.

Oh and make sure you comment with your score!

There are 239 films on this list.  Have fun!
(x) Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Grease
() Pirates of the Caribbean
() Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
( ) Boondock Saints
() Fight Club
() Starsky and Hutch
(x) Neverending Story
(x) Blazing Saddles
(x) Airplane
Total: 5

(x) The Princess Bride
(x) Anchorman
() Napoleon Dynamite
() Labyrinth
() Saw
( ) Saw II
( ) White Noise
( ) White Oleander
( ) Anger Management
( ) 50 First Dates
( ) The Princess Diaries
( ) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Total: 2

(x) Scream
(x) Scream 2
() Scream 3
(x) Scary Movie
( ) Scary Movie 2
( ) Scary Movie 3
( ) Scary Movie 4
(x) American Pie
( ) American Pie 2
( ) American Wedding
( ) American Pie Band Camp
Total: 4

() Harry Potter 1
() Harry Potter 2
() Harry Potter 3
() Harry Potter 4
() Resident Evil 1
() Resident Evil 2
(x) The Wedding Singer
() Little Black Book
() The Village
() Lilo & Stitch
Total: 1

(x) Finding Nemo
(x) Finding Neverland
() Signs
() The Grinch (J. Carrey version)
() Texas Chainsaw Massacre
() Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
() White Chicks
() Butterfly Effect
() 13 Going on 30
() I, Robot
() Robots
Total: 2

() Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
() Universal Soldier
() Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
( ) Along Came Polly
(x) Deep Impact
() KingPin
(x) Never Been Kissed
(x) Meet The Parents
() Meet the Fockers
() Eight Crazy Nights
() Joe Dirt
() KING KONG 2000’s version
Total: 3

() A Cinderella Story
() The Terminal
() The Lizzie McGuire Movie
() Passport to Paris
(x) Dumb & Dumber
( ) Dumber & Dumberer
() Final Destination
() Final Destination 2
() Final Destination 3
(x) Halloween
(x) The Ring
() The Ring 2
() Surviving X-MAS
() Flubber
Total: 3

() Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
() Practical Magic
(x) Chicago
() Ghost Ship
() From Hell
() Hellboy
() Secret Window
() I Am Sam
() The Whole Nine Yards
() The Whole Ten Yards
Total: 1

(x) The Day After Tomorrow
(x) Child’s Play
() Seed of Chucky
() Bride of Chucky
() Ten Things I Hate About You
() Just Married
() Gothika
(x) Nightmare on Elm Street
(x) Sixteen Candles
() Remember the Titans
() Coach Carter
(x) The Grudge
() The Grudge 2
(x) The Mask
() Son Of The Mask
Total: 6

() Bad Boys
() Bad Boys 2
() Joy Ride
() Lucky Number Slevin
() Ocean’s Eleven
() Ocean’s Twelve
() Bourne Identity
() Bourne Supremecy
() Lone Star
() Bedazzled
() Predator I
() Predator II
() The Fog
() Ice Age
() Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
() Curious George
Total: 0

(x) Independence Day
() Cujo
() A Bronx Tale
() Darkness Falls
() Christine
(x) ET
() Children of the Corn
() My Bosses Daughter
() Maid in Manhattan
() War of the Worlds (T. Cruise version)
(x) Rush Hour
() Rush Hour 2
Total: 3

() Best Bet
() How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
() She’s All That
() Calendar Girls
() Sideways
() Mars Attacks
() Event Horizon
(x) Ever After
(x) Wizard of Oz
(x) Forrest Gump
() Big Trouble in Little China
(x) The Terminator
(x) The Terminator 2
() The Terminator 3
Total: 5

() X-Men
() X-2
() X-3
(x) Spider-Man
(x) Spider-Man 2
() Sky High
() Jeepers Creepers
() Jeepers Creepers 2
() Catch Me If You Can
(x) The Little Mermaid
(x) Freaky Friday
() Reign of Fire
() The Skulls
() Cruel Intentions
() Cruel Intentions 2
() The Hot Chick
() Shrek
(x) Shrek 2
Total: 5

() Swimfan
(x) Miracle on 34th street
(x) Old School
() The Notebook
() K-Pax
() Krippendorf’s Tribe
() A Walk to Remember
() Ice Castles
() Boogeyman
() The 40-year-old Virgin
Total: 2

() Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
() Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
() Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
(x) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
(x) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
() Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Total so far: 2

() Baseketball
() Hostel
(x) Waiting for Guffman
() House of 1000 Corpses
() Devils Rejects
() Elf
() Highlander
() Mothman Prophecies
() American History X
() Three
Total: 1

() The Jacket
() Kung Fu Hustle
() Shaolin Soccer
() Night Watch
(x) Monsters Inc.
(x) Titanic
(x) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
() Shaun Of the Dead
() Willard
Total: 2

() High Tension
() Club Dread
() Hulk
() Dawn Of the Dead
(x) Hook
() Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
() 28 days later
() Orgazmo
() Phantasm
(x) Waterworld
Total: 2

() Kill Bill vol 1
() Kill Bill vol 2
() Mortal Kombat
() Wolf Creek
() Kingdom of Heaven
() the Hills Have Eyes
() I Spit on Your Grave aka the Day of the Woman
() The Last House on the Left
() Re-Animator
() Army of Darkness
Total: 0

(x) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
(x) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
(x) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
(x) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
(x) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
(x) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
() Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
() Ewoks The Battle For Endor
Total: 6

() The Matrix
() The Matrix Reloaded
() The Matrix Revolutions
() Animatrix
() Evil Dead
() Evil Dead 2
() Team America: World Police
() Red Dragon
(x) Silence of the Lambs
() Hannibal
Total: 1


Rick’s note: It’s official… I do not like to see movies that much!

I've been totally read!

And it was by a Color Test meme. Thanks so very much to Michael at What’s A Boy To Do/Are You Sure You Want To Know? for this little gem.

The most freakishly accurate item:

Rick’s Actual Problem #2
Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals have led to anxiety, and he is distressed by the lack of any close and understanding relationship. He attempts to escape into a substitute world in which things are more nearly as he desires them to be.

The most amusing item:

Rick’s Desired Objective
Wishes to find his stimulation in a voluptuous atmosphere of sensuous luxury.

Amen, sister.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Click here to read the rest of the results of my ColorQuiz analysis.

And click the little logo below to take your own.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a good old fashioned meme. I got this one on my MySpace page and posted it there, so I’ll post it here as well.

Oh and if you have a page on MySpace, why not let me know about it? 🙂

1.) Where did you ring in 2006?
Started out at my friend Ricardo’s place and then went to our chorus friends, the Pusey-Schnorbuses. It ended up being a fun night.

2.) What was your status by Valentine’s Day?
Single, as always.

3.) Were you in school (anytime this year)?

4.) How did you earn your keep?
Same job as today- DTP/Graphic Design at Jenner & Block, and some design jobs on the side.

5.) Did you ever have to go to the hospital?
Yes, too damn many times- a kidney stone and that damn eye infection.

6.) Did you ever encountered the police?
Aside from passing them on the street, no.

7.) Where did you go on vacation?
Many weekend trips to Saugatuck, MI.

8.) What did you purchase that was over $500?
I bought a new TV– a Samsung HDTV slimfit. Love it.

9.) Did you know anybody who got married?
Not this year.

10.) Did you know anybody who passed away?
My cousin, in January; My dad, in July; my cousin’s grandma in August. It’s been a terrible year for my family.

11.) Have you run into anybody you graduated high school with?
Yes, at my dad’s funeral.

12.) Did you move anywhere?
Still in the same place– 5 years now!

13.) What sporting events did you go to?
The opening and closing ceremonies for the Gay Games.

14.) What concerts did you go to?

None that come to mind.

15.) Are you registered to vote?
Yes, I am.

16.) If so, did you do your patriotic duty on Nov. 7?
Yes, I did.

17.) Describe your birthday.
My actual birthday kinda sucked, but I celebrated it just yesterday (Saturday 12/16) with all my friends and had a great time at my place.

19.) What’s the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2006?
Can’t really think of anything.

20.) What is one thing you regretted this year?
Not calling my dad the day before he died, just to tell him I loved him one more time.

21.) What’s something you learned about yourself?
Not necessarily about myself, but about my family– we are pretty strong and resilient. We get through crises well.

22.) Any new additions to your family?
Not yet. Pray for next year.

23.) What was your best month?
December has been pretty great. It’s crazy, but at least it’s been fun.

24.) What from pop culture will you remember 2006 by?
The birth of Ugly Betty, my new favorite TV show.

25.) How would you rate this year with a scale from 1 (crappy) to 10 (excellent)?

2. This year sucked badly. Losing so many family members (and various other problems) really made this year hard to rate highly.