My Top 10 Classic 1970’s Commercials

As I grow ever nearer to my 40th birthday (less than a month away!) I decided it’s time to start taking a little trip down memory road and bring back some things I remember from my childhood. To start, I have assembled my Top 10 most memorable 1970’s commercials.  Growing up as a child of… Continue reading My Top 10 Classic 1970’s Commercials

Tony Curtis: The Original Heartthrob

Tony Curtis wasn’t just good-looking.  He was ridiculously good-looking. The jet-black, spit-curled hair.  The piercing blue eyes.  The tight, athletic body.  The brilliant smile.  The Bronx bravado and machismo.  They were all there.  He wasn’t just a matinee idol.  He was a great actor in a beautiful shell. I remember the first time I saw… Continue reading Tony Curtis: The Original Heartthrob

Dearest Mel Gibson: Shut the F**k Up!

Dearest Mel Gibson: A few years ago, I had to come down pretty hard on your buddy Tom Cruise.  He was getting way out of control, and someone needed to beat him down a few notches.  I don’t think it worked all that well– but it sure felt good to get my feelings off my… Continue reading Dearest Mel Gibson: Shut the F**k Up!