Remembering Uncle John

He was calm, cool, and easygoing. He was the member of my family we would turn to for sound, sane advice, and a clear vision of what was going on in our lives. He never raised his voice.  He never lost his temper.  Oh sure, he got angry a time or two, but if he… Continue reading Remembering Uncle John

Dame Elizabeth Taylor – A truly one-of-a-kind woman

The divinely lovely Elizabeth Taylor died today at age 79. She was lovely in more ways than just the physical, however.  She was a fierce advocate for numerous charitable organizations for HIV/AIDS research, the LGBT community, animal rights, and creative freedoms. As notorious for her seven marriages as she was for her beauty, Liz never… Continue reading Dame Elizabeth Taylor – A truly one-of-a-kind woman

Tony Curtis: The Original Heartthrob

Tony Curtis wasn’t just good-looking.  He was ridiculously good-looking. The jet-black, spit-curled hair.  The piercing blue eyes.  The tight, athletic body.  The brilliant smile.  The Bronx bravado and machismo.  They were all there.  He wasn’t just a matinee idol.  He was a great actor in a beautiful shell. I remember the first time I saw… Continue reading Tony Curtis: The Original Heartthrob

Farewell, Grand Viagra!

It’s been a great run, but this week I decided to retire my little white putt-putt– my 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara, lovingly known as the “Grand Viagra.” I got the Grand Viagra in 2006, shortly after my dad died.  My old car took a dump and became scrap shortly after his funeral.  When my cousin’s… Continue reading Farewell, Grand Viagra!