Get Yer Gayme On!

Gay Games ChicagoThe Gay Games are coming!

It all starts this weekend. Chicago is hosting the Seventh Gay Games and let me tell you, the city is abuzz. You’d think the actual Olympics were happening.

They might as well be. After all, Chicago is making a very passionate bid for the 2016 Olympics. And they’re using the Gay Games as a springboard for that bid.

Leave it to the gays to pave the way.

I have to admit, I was worried that the games would ever actually get off the ground. After the false start in Montreal and the late start for Chicago, and then with Montreal holding their own version of the games (Called OutGames); everyone kept wondering “HOW are they going to pull this off?”

But I have a feeling it’s going to go just fine.

Now that being said, I don’t know of many people in the local community that have blazed trails to the ticket booths to get tickets for the events. In fact, I know of nobody. The main ticket sales have been to out-of-towners. And that’s just what our grand old city wants. Tourists. Visitors. People who maybe have never been to Chicago before.

As for me, I’m most excited because I’ll be meeting Hot Toddy for the first time in person. He’s making the trip here just for the Games, and was kind enough to invite me along to see Margaret Cho on Sunday night. Now how could I pass up that kind of offer?

And I’d love to see the Opening and Closing Ceremonies… but I don’t have tickets yet, and quite frankly, I really can’t afford them right now. It sucks being poor. But if I can scrounge up the money, I’m there.

As for the competitions… I only know of one person competing. A friend of mine is actually going to be in the bodybuilding event on Tuesday. I would love to see him, but don’t know if I’ll get out of work in time to catch it. Remains to be seen.

Oh… and this isn’t him. But he is pretty, isn’t he?

Friday Flesh RETURNS!

It’s been too long… and I apologize. I know we all need something “extra” to get us through that last day of the week. I sure as hell do.

I’m always thinking about you… the reader/listener. That’s what I’m here for.

So today, I have a special treat for you all.

The world of professional tennis used to be really stodgy and boring. Starched white shirts and shorts, wooden rackets, wooden personalities, and an overall air of “proper” behavior was the rule.


Cut to the 21st century, and the world of professional tennis is not only hot…

…it’s sexy.

Take into consideration our Friday Flesh model, the young, the talented, and the beautiful… Andy Roddick.

Andy Roddick burst upon the scene in 2001, at the fresh young age of 19. Since that time, we have seen him grow from a cute, young and intriguing talent into the hot, sexy man he is today… and he’s still only 24. Imagine how nice he’ll be in his 30’s!

Andy Roddick is exciting on the court and off. He’s embraced his celebrity and has appeared in everything from Saturday Night Live to the TonightShow to People’s Sexiest Man Alive edition.

How can we blame the media for taking notice?

All I can say is… keep watching Andy. I know I will. Especially if he keeps taking pictures like these.

If he just keeps getting hotter… we might have a fire to put out somewhere.

I’ll call the fire department… or not. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday Flesh: Jake Gyllenhaal

In honor of the Oscars, today’s Friday Flesh is the one– the only– Best Supporting Actor Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal.

The first time that I saw Jake was in “The Day After Tomorrow,” the end-of-the-world drama/action flick where he was stuck in a frozen New York City Public Library with some girl that I can’t remember. It was an okay flick… but Jake stood out for me. Those eyes. That goofy smile. He wasn’t perfect, but he was darn close. I could stand another look-see.

Then came “Jarhead”, which I didn’t see, but for which I saw plenty of promos. Of Jake in various stages of undress. With the shaved head. In military garb. If I didn’t have a uniform obsession before, I could easily have built one with this flick.

But “Brokeback Mountain” firmly implanted him not only in my psyche, but on my lips as a “household name”. Sure, Heath Ledger was the true lead in the film, but Jake’s performance was equally as powerful, and his presence cannot be ignored. So what if he’s not the front-runner for the Oscar? We still love him.

Jakey, you win plenty of awards in my book. Just keep flashing that smile (and that bod) and stay adorable.

I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

And don’t forget, if you are in the Chicago area and need someplace FUN to go for the Oscar Telecast, and have about, oh, $40 to spare ($50 at the door), come to Sidetrack and join the boys of the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus (including me!) for our annual Oscar Party, titled “Oscar and His Men!” The party starts at 5:00 pm, and it’s sure to be a fun-filled evening, with food, free drinks, entertainment, and the chance to win some incredible prize packages! All of the info is at, the chorus website.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Friday Flesh: Bob

Today’s Friday Flesh Feature is not a celebrity.


But he’s doggone hot. And he’s a blogger. Just like you and me.

Meet Bob. Bob is a talented photographer, designer, and all-around hottie, who has just started his very own blog called, cleverly enough, The Bob Blog.

On any given day, you’ll get to see some great photography, T-shirt ideas, and even a glimpse or two of Bob’s sexy mug! (Oh and in case you didn’t figure out, he’s Italian. Italians DO do it better. :))
Bob contacted me directly about my blog and sent these pictures. After seeing them, I offered to feature him as my “Friday Flesh” model this week– so long as he didn’t mind being referred to as “Flesh,” of course.

He didn’t mind.

So check out The Bob Blog and see what makes this hottie tick. I think you’ll enjoy it!

And if you know of another hottie (or are the said hottie) and think he should be featured as a Friday Flesh Feature, have them send me an Email at I will most graciously accept all entries!

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I know you like sticking things in tight places, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!