Keeping my head above water

Good Times.

Any time you meet a payment.

Good Times.

Any time you need a friend.

Good Times.

Any time you’re out from under.

Not getting hassled, not getting hustled.

Keepin’ your head above water,

Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs.

Good Times.

Easy credit rip offs.

Good Times.

Scratchin’ and surviving.

Good Times.

Hangin in a chow line

Good Times.

Ain’t we lucky we got ’em

Good Times!

Times aren’t tough but boy are they ever busy.  Just wanted to chime in and say that everything’s alright and I’m alive and well.  Hopefully when I get a moment to breathe again I’ll write.  And then after that I’ll clean my apartment.  Catch up on my Scrabulous games.  Meet a friend for lunch or dinner.  Go out and be among the living.

One bright spot through all of this– it’s finally feeling like spring around here!!!

Help me buy a new camera!

For the last four years, I’ve become quite the shutterbug. Ever since I got my digital camera, it went where I went. Day, night, all over town and all over the country– my camera documented my almost every move.

But four years later, my camera has seen better days. It’s been banged, dropped, and otherwise harmed more times than I can count. Through it all, it kept working great; but recently I dropped it while getting out of my car and the shutter release button broke off. I fashioned a temporary fix out of a plastic-coated paperclip, tape, some cotton balls and rubber cement. It works– but it’s wreaking hell on my fingers.

So it’s time to upgrade.

Photography has become more than just a passing hobby for me. It’s something I really believe I am good at– and something that, with more practice and a better camera, I can use to my advantage.

So, I am doing something I have never done before– I am turning to you, my readers, for help. 

If you would like to help me raise the funds to buy a new camera, click the “donate” button to be brought to my PayPal account and give whatever you can. Your contributions will go toward the purchase of a new Digital SLR camera — which is what I am looking for.

Why am I doing this?  I figure it’s worth a shot.  I’m saving up all my birthday and Christmas money, as well as some of my Christmas bonus money, for this.  It’s going to be a big investment. 

But my main reason for reaching out to you, my blog readers, is because what I do with that camera will hopefully be displayed on my blog in the months to come.  Think of it as an investment in my future in the blogosphere.  Oh sure, I’ve threatened to leave many a time (who hasn’t?), but I figure at this stage in the game, I’m not going anywhere.  I’m too invested in this place.  Besides, I’d miss it.

Does that mean things will be changing here?  Not really– it’ll just be more visually interesting. 🙂

So if you can help out, I’d love you for it.  But even if you can’t, I’d still love you. 

See, that works out pretty well. 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

Gloating is SO unattractive

Scott is really getting on my nerves.

But, then, so are the Cubs.

I never watched the game.  I couldn’t bear to do it.  I did check the score on the Chicago Tribune website, and had it on the radio when I ran some errands.  All throughout the day, I received text messages from Mr. O-Rama, the faceless wonder of Phoenix.  And as the game went on, each message got snarkier and snarkier.

And my responses got more and more pointed…

Here’s the sequence of events:

10/6/07 at 5:48 PM: Ed’s bf Todd is flying thru Chicago right now.  Should he stop by to pick you & your cheerleading outfit up?

My response: Bite me!

10/6/07 at 8:22 PM: What flight can I expect you on?

My response: None– I was driving to the grocery store at the time.

10/6/07 at 8:32 PM: Is that the fat lady singing?

My response: Are you calling me fat?

10/6/07 at 8:43 PM: Not you sweetie, but how does that cheerleading uniform fit?

My response: I am NOT wearing a cheerleading uniform.. I don’t even have one!

10/6/07 at 8:46 PM: That’s OK, we’ll get you one, and I do believe it [was] in writing where you agreed.

My response: Sigh.. Yes.  Howard is a dead man. 🙂

And finally, this lovely bit of advice from the lover of the Snakes himself, on his current post:

P.S. I hope my tough love is teaching you something: You can cheer for the Cubs, but don’t ever expect them to win.  They’ll break your heart every time.

Yes, Scott, thank you so much for your concern and your “tough love” as you put it.  I am a Cubs fan, therefore I am subjecting myself to instant and immediate heartbreak and sorrow.  Well you know what?  That’s what’s different about a loyal fan vs. a fair-weather fan.  A loyal fan sticks with their team through thick and thin, right and wrong, win or lose.  A fair-weather fan bails as soon as he (or she) sees that all hope is lost.

Sure, I didn’t watch the game because I knew it wasn’t going to go well.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t care.  That doesn’t mean I still didn’t support my team, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean I won’t support them next year.  I will.  And I expect them to win– one of these days.

In the meantime, I’ll be wiping my tears with my crying towel and drowning my sorrows with spirits.

And of course, I’ll end all the wailing with the old phrase:  “Wait ’til next year!”

P.S. – Good luck against the Colorado RockiesBwahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

An ode to a dying iPod

My iPodOh dear, sweet iPod.

We have had such wonderful times together.

I remember the day I brought you home.  You were so shiny.  So new.  So exciting.

You came out of your box and seemed to beckon, “Play me.  Fill me with music.  Take me wherever you go.  Make me a part of your life, forever and ever.”

So I heeded your call, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

But lately, you’ve begun to show your age.

It all started on that drive to my mom’s house a few months ago.  You froze in the middle of a song– probably some 70’s disco tune– and I freaked out.  I figured it was just a glitch, and restarted you.. but I just got the “Sad iPod” icon.  I was crushed.  Lost.  Alone in the world.

When you miraculously started up again an hour or so later, I figured that whatever had gone wrong had fixed itself.  But I was wrong.  As time went on, the occurrences became more frequent– once every week, then once every other day.  Then every day.

Now I fear, the end is near.  You play half of a song and skip to the next one.  You won’t play when I hit “Play.”  And worst of all, you won’t sync anymore.  I’ve restarted, restored, reinstalled, resetted and retried everything more than once.  Nothing is working.

So, I believe our time together is coming to a close.

I must do something with you.  I’m glad I got that extended warranty on you… so I’m taking you in tomorrow.  They may repair you, or they may replace you.  Either way, the magic is quickly fading in our relationship.  It’s time for me to see other iPods.  So whether or not you remain a part of my life, a newer, better model will soon be coming to take your place.

Please understand… I didn’t want it to end this way.

Thank you for your trusty service.   Fare thee well, dear iPod.

Shopping therapy is good for the soul

This was a dismal weekend.

No, I’m not back to being my old sad-sack self again… it was just… dreary. Rainy, cloudy, gloomy, blah. Dismal.

It was so crummy this weekend that they canceled the yearly Air and Water Show in Chicago on Sunday. And that NEVER happens. Unless, of course, it rains so much that the ground turns into quicksand… which isn’t too far from the truth this weekend.

Anyway, I spent most of Saturday holed up in my apartment because it just didn’t make sense to do much else. I thought about doing some laundry, but changed my mind about that because the sidewalk from my back staircase to the basement has been broken up since early July, awaiting paving, and it was nothing but a rocky, muddy river this weekend. I wasn’t in the mood to navigate that mess.

So when Sunday rolled around, and I woke up with yet another sore back from my squishy, saggy 20-year-old mattress, I decided it was time to partake in some Shopping Therapy.

I knew I had some extra money in my possession and I thought to myself what I should do with it. Of course, the obvious thing would be to save it, but I came up with a list of possibilities anyway, and they were as follows:

1. I don’t need a computer. I have a computer. It works fine.

2. I don’t need a camera. I WANT a new camera, but the one I have works fine.

3. I don’t need a TV. I have a good TV, and it works fine.

4. I don’t need an iPod or any other type of fun toy. I have an iPod and it works fine.

5. I need to do some work on my car, but the work that I need to do won’t cost me all that much.

6. I NEED a new bed.

It was amazingly easy to narrow down the choices after that.

Just to give you an idea of how lethargic I was feeling, it took me a good 2-3 hours to get my shit together and walk to the END OF MY BLOCK to the Bedding Experts store that has been there for just over a year now. Luckily, because of the weather, it was a slow day; and the nice guy that worked there was fully available to answer all of my questions. Not to mention he was kinda cute.

I laid on a few Sealys and tried out some Stearns and Fosters before I came across one that fit my price range (a Sealy Posturpedic) and felt oh-so-nice. I also looked at some headboards (since I haven’t had a headboard since I was in high school), and looked at a catalog of bed frames. I found one that I really liked a lot. It’s a platform bed, which means I wouldn’t have to buy a box-spring, and it’s sleek, sexy and just what I was looking for. It looks a little like this, but that one is a Crate & Barrel bed, which would cost me twice as much– or more. Also, the one I want has a walnut finish, which is much more versatile than the chocolate one in the photo.

I purchased the mattress by itself and told the guy I’d give the bed some thought for a little while. After all, I’m getting paid in a few days and I’ve already paid off everything else for the month. So I have a little flow to work with, here.

I took my laundry to the laundromat, because it had to get done. I couldn’t wait another minute. While I was there, I thought everything over and talked about it with my Mom on the cell phone. By the time I got home, I decided I wanted the bed, too– but by then the store was closed. I’ll call him on Monday and make the arrangements.

It felt SO GOOD to do all of this. I have been putting off buying a new, “grown-up” bed for far too long, and today I finally checked another important thing off my list of things to do.

The mattress arrives on Tuesday and the bed will probably take another couple weeks after that. I can’t wait to sleep on it that first night!!!

Yes, shopping therapy IS good for the soul. It’s also going to be very good for the back. 🙂