Fade-Out on For Better or For Worse

The last panel in the storyline of the Patterson family ran today for the comic strip “For Better or For Worse,” as evidenced by author Lynn Johnston’s ‘sign-off’ note. From here forward, the strip will be reborn somewhat, starting from essentially the beginning in what the author calls “new-runs.”  But the storyline as it was has now ended and the characters will be frozen in time.

For years, this strip was a highlight of the comics pages for me and my family. While it started as a running-gag-a-day strip with occasional storylines, it grew into a soap-opera of sorts, with long-playing storylines that included everything from births to deaths, growing older, and even coming out as gay. It’s one of the last truly groundbreaking comic strips still being produced.

But for now, the story has ended. I’m sad, but thankfully there are 29 years of memories to fall back on.

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Save FBoFW!

For Better or For Worse is my favorite newspaper comic, hands-down, no questions asked.

There have been rumblings that this is the last year for the strip as we know it — Lynn Johnston wants to cut down on the hours she spends writing it, for health and other, quality-of-life reasons.

But she can’t stop. She just can’t.

Read today’s Sunday strip and you’ll see why. I laughed out loud… I have a feeling you will, too.  (Click on it to expand to full size.)