My TV Season Premiere Reviews (So Far):

The Playboy Club B-

It’s got hints of the style and the 60s flair, but I wish it was kicked up a notch.  The mystery aspect is cool, and they do get the Chicago Way down pretty good.  The Bunny costumes and the club itself are pretty swanky, but I wish the hair and makeup were more accurate to the time.  If you look at pictures of the original Playboy Clubs, those girls looked FIERCE (and I don’t use that word often).  These girls look like 2011 gals with a bit of styling added.

Some of the acting is a bit stiff, and some of the characters are forgettable.

I think the LGBT storyline has potential.  Not many people know anything about the Mattachine Society, so this could be educational to them.  It makes me think about how many people had to live a lie just to live their lives back then.  We’ll see where this goes.

Still, it’s got Eddie Cibrian, who is never bad to look at.  And there’s a lot of great music to enjoy.  I hope it sticks around a while.


Pan Am – C+

I was expecting so much more.  It was just okay.  The costumes were great, the sets were awesome, and the music was fun… but the acting?  Flat as a pancake.  Aside from Christina Ricci, (who was a bit under-used in the premiere), I couldn’t really tell the girls apart.  And there is no way that kid would be captain of a brand new line of planes on its maiden voyage.  I’m not giving up on it yet.  I think it’ll build up to something fun, along the lines of the Love Boat without the cheesy comedy.  Maybe more like Fantasy Island?  We will see.


Revenge – A

I LOVED this show.  Far too many times when I watch new TV shows, I’m lost within minutes trying to figure out what’s going on.  Not here.  They did a great job of setting up the story, telling us who the characters are, and why they are doing what they are doing.  Emily VanCamp really surprises me here.  I liked her on “Brothers and Sisters,” but her character was so mousy I was worried that she could not carry this kind of show on her own.  My mind was changed almost instantly.  She draws you in and can actually kick some ass while doing it.  I think I will love her interactions with the delicious Madeline Stowe as the arch-enemy matriarch of the Grayson family.  Definitely looking forward to the next episode.


New Girl – C

Zooey Deschanel is as quirky as her name, and boy does she quirk it up on this goofy new comedy.  I missed the premiere episode, but saw the first 15 minutes because I programmed my DVR to record 15 minutes past the end of “Glee” for when it followed “American Idol.”  I enjoyed those 15 minutes and figured I would give the show a chance.  It’s cute and funny, if not a bit weird.  The guys are all douchey in their own special ways, but none douchier than Schmidt, played by Ugly Betty‘s Max Greenberg.  He thinks he’s all that, and he so isn’t.  It gets a bit annoying after a while. (Did anyone notice that he’s already stripped his shirt off for no apparent reason in each episode?  What’s that about?) I found the show charming, but I’m worried that it could get annoying after a while.  A few more airings will prove me right or wrong.


Still To Come:  Up All NightWhitneyThe X Factor, and I think I may need to program Suburgatory — just looks too fun to pass up.

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