Progress Report #1 – One Month

This Friday marks one month since I started my return to the gym.

And so far, it’s been going pretty well.

I think I could be doing better, though.  I’m only going about 3-4 times a week, and that’s good for now.  And I only started weights in the third week, after meeting with the trainer.

However, last week was a complete washout.  I fell ill with a mild case of bronchitis, and that put the kibosh on any gym activity.

But today I’m ready to get back on the horse, so to speak.

I’m not noticing any physical changes yet– although the second time I did my upper body routine, I did like the way my arms looked. 🙂  Let’s hope that continues to improve.  I’m tired of having needles for arms.

AND– the last time I weighed myself, I noticed I had dropped about 7-8 pounds.  THAT felt great!

But– it’s all relative.  I just have to keep it up.  And I will.

Today will be cardio.  Tomorrow will be lower body and cardio.  Thursday I’m going to attempt getting up early, and will do upper body.  Friday will be cardio and whatever else I need to do… or am able to do.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement… it means a lot!!

One thought on “Progress Report #1 – One Month

  1. Rick, keep at it. I lost quite a lot of weight and went from being flabby and overweight to being the extremely fit man that I am now with a very low body fat ratio.

    The slowest and most difficult part of the process for me was at the beginning. That’s when the workouts seemed near impossible and I saw almost no results except for lost weight. I almost gave up several times.

    Then all of a sudden the results became noticeable. People were paying me compliments. That kept me going and the results started becoming much more visible. I started to love working out and going to the gym. Seeing pretty hot looking guys checking me out really helped, too.

    After eighteen months, people I knew who hadn’t seen me in a while literally gasped because the transition was impossible to miss. Guys were really hitting on me a lot. I had transformed from blubber to ripped. That was a tremendous boost for my self-confidence. You can see a before and after comparison of me here:

    I love going to the gym now and working out. I love the confidence it has given me. I just kept at it and I am not sorry for a moment that I did. I’m working on getting a six-pack now; I have a little bit of one but not as much as I want.

    Good luck!

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