Let’s Pretend…

In the opening scene of Season 7 of Project Runway, Heidi walks into the bathroom.  It’s really steamy, and she doesn’t know why.  She thought she was alone.

She goes to open the shower door and is shocked to see Tim Gunn standing in her shower.  Tim turns around, smiles and says, “Hello Heidi!  How are you doing this morning?  I thought I’d get an early start.  I’m delighted to start our first season of Project Runway on Lifetime!”

Horrified, Heidi realizes that…

(a) Tim Gunn must be really confused;

(B) She really needs to stop eating before bed; and

(C) Season 6 of Project Runway was all a dream.

(More like a nightmare.)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend…

  1. ABSOLUTELY!! Perfect…you’ve totally nailed it…

    I hated Irena, but when she won, all I could think was “who cares…”

    This entire season = yawn

  2. heh…Heidi finds herself in a real life version of “Carrie” and she IS Carrie and Tim as Mrs. White. Heidi finds herself crowned “Winner” and as she walks down the runway, everyone is howling while Tim’s voice is heard saying “They’ll all laugh at you!!!”

    And I’m with Jeremy – this season was a bit of a yawn as compared to the other seasons.

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