Treasure in the Basement!

While getting my laundry tonight, I walked through the basement of my building.

In the back room (which I can only surmise used to be the coal room, because the coal door is still intact on the outside wall and the old coal-burning furnace is still in the adjoining room, even though it isn’t being used anymore. I need to get pictures of it, it’s *really* cool), I found two dusty milk crates full of LPs. I crouched down and took a look, and discovered they were some of my all-time favorite albums.

There were TONS of albums by Elton John: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Caribou,” “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player,” “Madman Across The Water,” “Greatest Hits,” and many others. There were also a lot of Billy Joel albums, including “52nd Street,” “The Stranger,” “An Innocent Man,” and “Piano Man.” Eagles albums included, “Their Greatest Hits,” “Hotel California,” and “The Long Run.”

Then I found the 12″ singles of Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand’s “Enough is Enough (No More Tears),” The TRIPLE-album soundtrack to “Thank God It’s Friday,” and a double-album called “A Night at Studio 54” with full dance-mixes of CLASSIC disco songs. All originals.

Summary: Whoever owned these has the same musical tastes as me.

And he HAD TO BE GAY!!!!

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