Hello there!  Glad you found me here…

I will be moving my blog here permanently as of September 1. All of my posts and (eventually) all of my comments will be moving here as well.

I decided to close my blog at my hosted WordPress.org site because I just wasn’t using it anymore, and frankly, it didn’t make sense for me to continue paying for the bandwidth and storage when I wasn’t using it. I guess this means I have finally sounded the death knell on my blogging experiment. Well, almost.

You see, I have noticed that I am using Facebook more and more for my blogging needs. Everyone I knew from my blog is there, my friends are there, my family is there, and even a lot of my old schoolmates are there. It just made sense to pay attention to one thing instead of spreading it all about numerous things. Blogging has evolved, and it’s turned into something completely different than when it started. It’s much more content-rich and interactive than it ever was. And it includes things like Facebook and Twitter. Those are the places where my enthusiasm lie these days, so why not just pay attention to that?

Of course, WordPress.com is free, so I can, and may, still post here. And I am keeping my rcktman.com domain name. Which will be extra handy, because when everything is done, you no longer will have to add the “/blog” – just type “www.rcktman.com” to get here.

But even though this is the “end,” it’s still sort of sad. My blog has been there for me through a lot of good and bad times. And those who read it were there the whole time through. I’ll miss those early days, when we were a new and exciting community, just starting out. But I’m thankful that those who were a part of the community then are still a part of my world today.

So this is not the end. It is not goodbye. It’s just… a transition.

And that’s where I’ll leave things for now.

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