I'll be looking at the moon… but I'll be seeing you….

The time has come, and I am facing the music with dignity.  

This is my last post at The Launching Pad.

For the past month, I have essentially ignored my blog.  I had great ideas in my head, but none of them ever came to life on “paper.”  And then things got busy.  Really busy.  And I decided that I had to start cutting things out.  And this was one of the cuts.  

There are a lot of things happening with me that are going to keep me very busy for the next year or so.  I need to free up the time and resources to fit those things in.  Blogging no longer figures into that equation.  Besides, let’s face it, folks… blogging isn’t what it used to be.  The community that I knew back when I started in 2004 has moved on to other things as well.  Most of them are on Facebook, so I am still in touch with them there.  I can communicate my thoughts there for free, and even blog if I want to.  Who needs all this fancy schmancy stuff?

Yep… it’s time.  And this time it’s for real.

So what’s going on that’s going to keep me so busy?

Well first… I am moving.

Not to a new city… just to a new apartment.  My lease is up May 1 and I am gaining a roommate again.  First time in 7 years.  I’m excited and a little nervous about that… but it will all be for the best.  I’ve come to the realization that I can no longer afford to live alone… at least for the time being.  Living with a roommate will be better finanically, and also spiritually.  It’ll be nice to have someone around to talk to that isn’t furry and walks on four legs– not that my cats aren’t sweet and lovable, mind you.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been talking to my future roommate about what we’re looking for, and he’s been talking to a realtor friend of his to help us find the perfect place.  I’m staying in Andersonville (if I can), and hopefully we’ll find something nicer that will still cost me less than what I’m paying right now.

The other big event has to do with the chorus.

I was recently re-elected to CGMC’s Membership Council for another TWO-year term.  In addition, I was chosen by the new council to be their Council President.  I’ll be involved in every aspect of administering to, recruiting, and retaining members of the chorus.  It’s going to keep me pretty busy, but I’m looking forwad to the challenge.

And of course, I still want to be there for my family as much as I can.  My nieces just turned one, and I’m looking forward to possibly being a bigger part of their lives in the next year.  

Most of you who read this blog are on Facebook, and I see you and chat with you and exchange messages with you there.  The others who aren’t there, I still have your blogs.  I will see you around there, and around the blogging community.  

I’m not disappearing.  I’m just moving on to new opportunities.

So this is not goodbye.  It’s just… 

I’ll be seeing you.  


10 thoughts on “I'll be looking at the moon… but I'll be seeing you….

  1. Congrats on the life changes. I think a roommate (provide he's a not a train wreck) will be good for you. In my life I've lived both alone and with roommates, and I can tell you that I was always happier with a roommate.

    Also congrats on the Council President post. I know how much your chorus means to you, so I think they've chosen the right man for the job.

    I can't say that the news of closing your blog comes as a surprise. You and I both came from a blog community that had its heyday about 4 years ago. While blogs are still around and some are still thriving, the blogosphere has changed and evolved. The community we knew is now on Facebook and Twitter.

    From someone that retired a blog himself, let me tell you that the urge to blog will still hit you. Facebook is nice, but it won't satisfy that blogging desire. Might i suggest you create a tumbleblog of sorts on Tumblr? It's free, extremely easy, and gives you that occasional outlet when you want to say something more than an 140-character tweet/status update. You've seen mine- I only post to it when and if I feel like it and have something I want to share. No pressure at all, and you can import the feed into Facebook if you want.

    Anyway, the blogosphere was a better place because of you. I'll miss reading your posts, but I completely understand and support your decision. The one thing that you have to promise me though is that we'll still keep in touch, okay?

  2. Geez….you come back from medical leave and everyone is closing their blog. I'm nearly devastated with this one. Rick! I don't FACEBOOK!!! The thought of not being able to come to The Launching Pad…oh my.

    Okay, now that I've had my little selfish outburst…

    I adore you. You're one of those rare people that I have been so blessed to call my friend from all those bloggie years ago. You have been an “interim bartender” over at Warm Cookies, and you have provided comfort, support, and love through an excrutiating, dark period in my life. I will always be grateful for your tender heart and kind, sweet spirit in my world.

    I wish you all the happiness and joy that is possible as you take on new tasks, new home, new days. Please know without a doubt, that you hold such a warm, special place in my heart. Forever.

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