Happy Birthday, Abby and Emily!!!

I can hardly believe that one year ago, my twin nieces were born.  The year has gone by so quickly, and they have brought us so much joy.  

Looking back on that day, when I got the call (at 3 in the morning!) that they were coming, it was the end of a long, difficult and scary road for my sister.  She had gone through so much just to have these babies, and the journey to actually having them was marked with a lot of frightening moments.  But on that day, two beautiful little girls were born, and our lives were changed forever.

So happy birthday to Abigail Grace and Emily Michele.  Your Uncle Rick loves you, and can’t wait for the many wonderful years to come!

Here’s a retrospective of each girls’ first year in pictures.  It’s amazing how quickly they’ve grown up!

Emily Michele

Emily, a year ago today!


Emily in the Hospital at 2 Weeks

Emily at 3 Weeks.  She was the first of the twins I got to hold.


Emily at Easter, April 2008.


Emily and Uncle Rick, Mother’s Day 2008

Me with Emily

Emily at her Baby Shower, June 2008


Emily at Grandma’s, July 2008

Emily at Grandma’s again, October 2008

Emily on Thanksgiving Day 2008

Emily, Christmas Day 2008


Abigail Grace

Abby, on her birthday a year ago


Abby at two weeks

Abby, three weeks

Abby at Easter, April 2008

Abby on Mother’s Day, May 2008

Abby with Grandma Aiello

Abby at her Baby Shower, June 2008


Abby at Grandma’s, July 2008

Giggly Abby 

Abby at Grandma’s, October 2008

Toys are fun! 

Abby at Thanksgiving, November 2008

Abby playing 

Abby at Christmas, December 2008

Abby is all smiles!

Abby (left) and Emily (right) on Halloween

Abby and Emily ready for Trick or Treating

The Twins with Mommy at Christmas

Mommy and her girls

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