John McCain and the Keating Five Connection

John McCain and Sarah Palin opened a can of worms when they accused Barack Obama of associating with “terrorists,” namely former 1960’s radical William Ayers. In addition, they have begun to ramp up his associations with Anton Rezko and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which have both been well explained and run-through during the Democratic primaries.

So, in response, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have presented, on their website and their YouTube channel, “Keating Economics: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis.”

I think it’s pretty easy to see which association is more dangerous to the future of our country.

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0 thoughts on “John McCain and the Keating Five Connection

    You folks have no idea the danger into which you are placing yourself and America.
    If you think that Senator Barack Obama is just another politician who believes that he can improve the world, you are sadly mistaken.
    He is a dedicated Marxist-Socialist who believes that the few should govern the many according to their manifesto.
    Our Constitution will be trashed, because it is based on the principles written within the bible.
    All rights will now come from the state.
    I firmly believe his power of delivery comes from Satan himself.
    Who else but Satan (Disciple Barack Obama) wants to forbid states form limiting abortions and also transferring tax payer dollars to abortionist by his co-sponsor of the Freedom of Choice Act.
    Who else but Satan (Disciple Barack Obama) would criticized the Supreme Court for its 2007 decision upholding the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.
    Who else but Satan (Disciple Barack Obama) would vote to allow Live-Birth Abortion when he blocked the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act when it came up in the Illinois Senate many times.
    Who else but Satan (Disciple Barack Obama) would have a 100% pro-abortion rating from NARAL
    Who else but Satan’s followers (Disciple Barack Obama) would be disciples of Marxist Saul Alinsky who wrote (Rules for Radicals-dedicated to Satan), the bible for community organizing.
    Who else but followers of Satan (Disciple Barack Obama) would for twenty years be tethered to a hate filled peddler of Marxism, Jeremiah Wright who hates America (A nation founded on Christian Principles)
    Marx believed that man is superior to God and therefore has no allegiance to Him. (Satanic)._
    Evidently, you like Christopher Hitchens believe that you can be politically correct (new bible) and go into eternity with impunity. (Satanic)
    Again, you folk are sadly mistaken.

  2. I wonder what other tricks both camps have to make this elections…dirtier. Shouldn't they be focusing on how they can help this nation progress instead of mud-slinging?

  3. Those are the most ridiculous statements I have heard yet. This election is not about abortion but the worst of times ever seen by Americans. McCain has no solutions, no ideas, and shows no leadership to get us out of this mess. Could it be his color that prompts you to make the satanic statements? Can you not see that your own prejudices against this man are counter productive and in itself against the word of God. Racsim is just as much a sin as abortion.

  4. I think it's been pretty well-focused on the issues until recently, when McCain started to realize his campaign was falling apart and he was losing ground fast to Obama. That's when the mud started to fly. Unfortunately, Obama can't just stand by and let the mud fly without throwing some himself. At least his attacks have merit. I can't say I believe the same to be true of McCain's.

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