Oh… the Agony…

I missed last night’s Emmy Awards ceremony because I was at Chorus rehearsal.

Thank God.

I’ve heard and read such awful things about the broadcast that I’m not sure I’ll be anticipating next year’s ceremony with any sort of excitement.  Honestly, after that painful writers’ strike of last year, you’d think these guys and gals would come up with something that would have given us, the viewers, something to relish and appreciate.  Instead, we got train wrecks like this:

(WARNING: Please do not watch if you have recently eaten a meal.  You may involuntarily purge)

Clip courtesy of Best Week Ever

0 thoughts on “Oh… the Agony…

  1. I had no idea that there were words to the M*A*S*H Theme….granted this was a huge mashup, but imagine how much pratice that took to make all of those transitions…..that alone makes it great “technical” piece….but it was a train wreck, but it made me want to watch it….just call me a Geek now!

  2. Oh this is too hilarious! I did a Google search and have been reading the endless responses to blog and article postings regarding the performance.

    Michael – Yes the M*A*S*H theme does have lyrics. I never liked the song because the lyrics are somewhat depressing.

  3. If I recall correctly, the actual title of the M*A*S*H theme is “Suicide is Painless.” It was not used on the TV show because it was felt the lyrics were too controversial for broadcast television but was used in the movie.

  4. Yup it was used in the original Movie with the lyrics. It really is a lovely song — but when backed by Vegas showgirls, it's just plain tacky.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Through early morning fog I see
    visions of the things to be
    the pains that are withheld for me
    I realize and I can see…

    (That) suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    and I can take or leave it if I please.

    I try to find a way to make
    all our little joys relate
    without that ever-present hate
    but now I know that it's too late, and…

    The game of life is hard to play
    I'm gonna lose it anyway
    The losing card I'll someday lay
    so this is all I have to say.

    The only way to win is cheat
    And lay it down before I'm beat
    and to another give my seat
    for that's the only painless feat.

    The sword of time will pierce our skins
    It doesn't hurt when it begins
    But as it works its way on in
    The pain grows stronger…watch it grin, but…

    A brave man once requested me
    to answer questions that are key
    is it to be or not to be
    and I replied 'oh why ask me?'

    'Cause suicide is painless
    it brings on many changes
    and I can take or leave it if I please.
    …and you can do the same thing if you please.

  5. LOL. It was wierd but I was glued to the TV. It was like I was transferred to another dimension and that there existed a different version of Josh Groban. However, this clip is a keeper! 🙂

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