Blast from the Past: Great Space Coaster!

TheBadMonkey, a friend on Plurk, shared this video with everyone, and in a matter of seconds I was 10 years old again. I swear it’s groovier and more wonderful than I even remembered it:

And my favorite segment from “Great Space Coaster,” Gary Gnu. No Gnews is Good Gnews!

0 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Great Space Coaster!

  1. That Great Space Coaster intro is great. Family Guy did a spoof of that in one episode and it was hysterical! I never saw the original one, so it's good to come full circle!

  2. THAT'S the show. I still say, “And remember, no gnews is good gnews,” which causes people to look at me funny. I'd completely forgotten about this show. Watched it all the time. I'm going to get the theme song now to add to my library.

  3. How come I can't find a clip that aired the “Stickball Sally” that was on the The Great Space Coaster show.

    I am looking everywhere for it. Because I was in it in Junior High in NYC at the time and would like to show it to my wife.

    Does anyone have all the old episodes???



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