Yup, still the same…

I’ve taken a few of these quizzes lately and the results continue to come out the same.  I’ve studied everyone thoroughly.  And I’m not done yet. 

Incidentally, I didn’t get to vote on “Super Tuesday” because my sister had her babies that day.  So while I’m not happy about that, I am still paying close attention to what’s going on out there.  It’s going to be exciting, and stressful.  I just hope we all can agree upon the person that gets the nomination when it happens.

79% Barack Obama
78% Bill Richardson
76% John Edwards
75% Hillary Clinton
74% Chris Dodd
72% Joe Biden
72% Mike Gravel
68% Dennis Kucinich
47% Rudy Giuliani
41% John McCain
36% Mitt Romney
33% Mike Huckabee
30% Tom Tancredo
29% Ron Paul
24% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz