First look: Baby Pictures!

Yeah it’s pretty much all babies, all the time around here right now. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

The girls are already exhibiting their own personalities. Emily, though tiny, is feisty and impatient. She’s the screamer. With a shock of dark brown hair and skin as red as a beet, she’s the spitting image of her mommy when she was born, and certainly just as feisty and persistent as her mommy is today. She was the first to come off the ventilator today… which was a wonderful surprise to all of us considering how small she is and how early they were born– but these gals are fighters and they’re here to stay.

Abby is the quiet one. She sleeps soundly and softly, and cries only when my sister takes her hand off of her. (She can’t hold them yet, so touching and stroking their heads is all for now.) Abby has bright red hair and fairer skin, which, coupled with her easy nature, makes her just like her daddy.

So… without further ado, here are the girls:

Emily Michele Olson

In the hospital nursery on the first day, with ventilator.

In the nursery, on day two, with ventilator removed (already!)

Emily, already dubbed “The Feisty One,” giving her best cry face.

Abigail (Abby) Grace Olson

Abby, fast asleep with her ventilator still in place. It came off shortly after these were taken. Note the bright orange hair!

Abby, still sleeping soundly.

Abby being watched by her very happy and very enamored Mommy!