The first climb is the steepest!

Help Me Hustle!Yesterday I did my first practice climb for the 2008 Hustle up the Hancock.  It went really well, considering I hadn’t climbed stairs like that since last year’s event. 

When I did my first practice climb last year, I could barely finish 20 floors.  My face was hot, my head was spinning and my legs were on fire.  This year I finished 37 floors easily.  I felt pretty good the whole time and even feel fine today.  I don’t know if that means I’m in better shape this year, but needless to say I’m encouraged!

The Hustle up the Hancock event is exactly a month away today.  I can scarcely believe it’s coming up so quickly, but I think I’ll be ready.  I have another practice climb scheduled for tomorrow and I plan on doing all 50 floors of this building.  By next week I’ll be doing this building twice — 100 floors.

I don’t know what took me so long to start my training.  It’s a huge challenge, and I guess I just wanted to be completely ready — physically and mentally. 

I’m excited about this year’s event because we have a lot of people from my department climbing.  At last count there are 8 members of our staff making the climb.  We train together, encourage each other and kick each other in the butt when we slack off.  It’s working really well and we’re all going to be very successful.

Money-wise, I’m doing well but I still need help!  So far I’ve raised $630 and my goal is $1,500.  So if you saw my initial post about the Hustle, but couldn’t make a donation yet, hopefully you can help out now.  It’s easy to do, and every penny goes to the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago to help fight, prevent, and support those with lung disease; so every penny is well-spent.

Finally, a BIG thank you to those of you who have already contributed… I owe you all big hugs!

Gregg Vanicek
Scott Goldner
Jason Ott
Fine Point Face Painting
Jamie Guajardo
Quenten Schumacher
David Long
Jeff Kosin
Brian Kowalski
Stephen Murphy
Cliff Dix
Tom Myles
Barbara Drumm
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