Hot time, winter in the city…

Ah, January.  Warm winds, cool rains, light jackets, thunder, lightning…

You think I’m high, don’t you?  Well, that’s how it’s been around here lately.

Last week we were shivering with frost on our windows and ice on the ground.  This week it’s 65 degrees and there’s a thunderstorm outside.

And you thought global warming was a joke.  HA!

OK maybe it isn’t global warming per se, but it is rather strange.  And it’s not going to last for long, either.  By this time next week I’ll have my poofy winter coat on and my 180’s wrapped around my ears like I’m supposed to.

So for now, I’ll gladly take this nice little reprieve from the winter’s chill.

But if I get another cold, so help me, Al Gore’s gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do.