Keep your votes coming!

I’m fighting for second place in the QueerVerve Best GLBT Blogs Awards. I’d like to be fighting for first, but Scott-O-Rama is clearly in the lead; and unless a miracle occurs (or a tragedy…bwahahahaha!), I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

So it’s time for a miracle! Click below and vote for RcktMan’s Launching Pad for Best Personal GLBT blog. What’s that, you say? You’ve voted already? And you want to change your vote!? For ME!?! Well guess what, you can do that! Just click on “Change my vote” and… well.. change your vote!

Opinion Polls & Market Research

And just to make sure you love me, here is an EXCLUSIVE, behind-the-scenes look at my disastrous apartment as I prepare for my party this Friday night.

Will I EVER get it ready? You be the judge… I think it’ll work.

But it’ll take a miracle!