Verve AwardsI can’t believe this… but I’ve been nominated for a blog award!

Seriously, I am shocked.  This has never happened to me in the four years I’ve been blogging.

The award is for “Best Personal Blog.”  Seriously.  I am shaking.  I never thought anything like this would make a difference to me, but it really does.  It’s seriously an honor. 

Oh… I guess I should mention it’s held by Queer Verve.   Please visit the site and see what it’s all about.  I am up against some pretty stiff competition of course (pun intended!)  …. one of which is my good friend Scott-O-Rama.  I’m also in company with the likes of Feast of Fools, Towleroad, Someone in a Tree, Puntabulous, Jockohomo, Whine and Cheese, and The Web Pen Blog, just to name a few.  That’s pretty damn sweet.

I don’t know if I’d have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning, but if you’d be so kind as to cast a vote for me, I’d greatly appreciate it! 

Wow… lil ol’ me… nominated for a blog award.  Gee.  🙂