OMIGOD you guys…

Kathy was fabulous.  Hilarious.  Hysterical.

And every bit as biting and shrewd as you’d expect.

Naturally, she left no stone unturned:  Britney, Larry Craig, the Emmy Awards “Jesus Speech,” the flap from Christians and Catholics about said “Jesus Speech,” Paris Hilton, The View (especially Barbara Walters), George W. Bush, and countless other completely worthy recipients of her snark were justfully pummeled into the ground.  And we loved every minute.

I had my friend Jason with me and we sat wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y up in the last row of the balcony.  And by last row, I mean the row where they set up plain old CHAIRS because there aren’t even actual SEATS up there.  But fortunately the view is just as good way back there as it is anywhere else.

Especially if you have binoculars.  Which I had.  And while the binoculars themselves are pretty nice, they have a cheap little digital camera attached to them so you can take pictures.  Granted, the camera is absolute crap– it takes extremely low-resolution, less-than-a-megapixel pictures– but hey, out of 62 shots, I got THREE halfway-decent ones.  And for what it’s worth, they’re not so bad.  After all, I didn’t want anyone confiscating my regular digital camera… because with my luck, they’d have done just that.  So here they are:

Kathy Griffin

The best of all 62 shots.  At least you can KIND OF make out a face…

Kathy Griffin

Another shot… you can totally see her saying “OMIGOD you guys… I have another story to tell you…”

Kathy Griffin

This one’s pretty good too.  The rest of them were all blurry and awful.  I guess I can’t complain too much– three out of 62 ain’t bad!

It was a late night.  The show didn’t start until 11:00 or so and we didn’t leave until 12:30.  That’s 1 1/2 hours of good, hearty laughter and lots of clapping.  And she had to do it twice in a row that night.

OMIGOD YOU GUYS!  I forgot to tell you… they were filming!  So I’m, like, totally going to be on Bravo!

OK… I won’t be on Bravo… but you’ll certainly see bits from that night.  I hope.

Yeah… that’s why I’m comfortably ensconced on the “P” list.  Sigh.

Anyway… if you get a chance to see her, do it.  She’s worth every penny.