What a pity… what a shame

For the five of you reading this… and the two of you following baseball…

The Arizona Diamondbacks lost in SPECTACULAR fashion to the Colorado Rockies.

Spectacular in that they didn’t WIN any games at all. They completely collapsed. Fell apart.

Just like the Cubs did in the first round of the playoffs.

When the Cubs entered the playoffs, I foolishly (and cockily) placed a bet with Scott-O-Rama. I bet him that if the Cubs won the series, Scott would come to Chicago and pose in front of Wrigley Field in Cubs regalia giving the #1 sign. And if the Diamondbacks won, I would do the same in Arizona.

Scott countered that bet by requesting that I dress in a cheerleader’s outfit in front of Chase Park. I added a Teddy Bear outfit in front of Wrigley Field for Scott if the Cubs won.

Of course, I lost, and Scott reveled in my loss.

But all was not lost… Howard of The Web Pen Blog, who lives in Denver and was responsible for the whole cheerleader outft idea in the first place, placed a NEW bet with Scott: If the Rockies won the series, I was absolved of my penance, and Scott would write a post on both my and Howard’s blogs with a subject of our choosing. If the Diamondbacks won, Howard had to wear the cheerleader’s outfit in Arizona.

So to make a long story short (too late!), Scott will be appearing here on Thursday. I expect the post to be ULTRA SNARKY and maybe even a touch bitter. After all, I don’t know what’s worse– crashing and burning in the first place, or crashing and burning after beating the Cubs? Hell, the Cubs didn’t have much of a chance from the start. Arizona had a really good chance, and they BLEW IT BIG TIME.

So, Scott… what do you have to say? I won’t give you any guidelines. You probably wouldn’t follow them anyway.

Postscript: I would like to add that this is all in fun. Nothing said here is to be taken personally, and nothing Scott will say tomorrow will be taken personally. I think.

Second Postscript… or Post-Postscript.  Or PPS.  Or SPS. Anyway… Scott will not be here tomorrow.  Apparently he has to work on HIS schedule, not mine.  Whatev.  I’ll be waiting for you, Scottie. 🙂