Ever have one of these days?

So I woke up on Saturday and got myself going a bit faster than usual.  I had to get out and buy myself a long-sleeve black dress shirt for a chorus gig I was scheduled to participate in later that night.  If I didn’t hustle my ass, I’d be the only one there without one.

Now, of course, this begs one to ask, “You didn’t have a black dress shirt already?”  Well, no.  I didn’t.  I just never thought I would need one– until now.

So I zipped out to the new Target store that opened a few months ago, less than 10 minutes away from me.  I didn’t need high fashion.  I just needed something now.

Luckily they had one in my size.  I grabbed it, along with a few other things, and headed to the checkout.

Naturally, when I got to the register, the checkout girl (who didn’t remind me at all of SNL’s Target Lady) couldn’t find a price tag on my shirt.  So she looked inside the shirt at its manufacturing tag and keyed in the code.

It rang up for $4.95.


I didn’t say a word.  She kept on ringing.

Now, when I picked up the shirt, I clearly saw the sign on the display that showed the shirts were being sold for $24.99.  Is it wrong of me to not say anything?  No… she could have easily done a price check and had a manager confirm it.  But she just kept on ringing… and I just kept my mouth shut, paid, and left.

Score one for me!

So I get home and park the car across from my apartment building.  I get out, and catch sight of something on the ground, just behind my car.

A folded-up $10 dollar bill.

There was nobody around.  And there were no cars behind mine.  So I scooped up the bill, checked it for authenticity (you never can be too sure), and slipped it in my pocket.

Score TWO for me.

So let’s recap here:

I bought a shirt and paid only $5 for it, then came home and found a $10 bill.

I got PAID to go shopping on Saturday.

Life is pretty damn good!