CGMC singing the National Anthem at Wrigley Field

Unfortunately, we weren’t on TV, but one of the guys in CGMC recorded our performance on WGN Radio (AM 720) and transfered it to a YouTube video.  There isn’t much to see– but here we are!! 

The ROAR you hear at the end are two Air Force jets flying over the stadium just as we reached the end of the anthem.  It was QUITE a thrill!!!

What would Babe Ruth think?

I always thought the Chicago Cubs were the gay-friendliest baseball team in the Major Leagues… but I have a feeling that none of the current roster of Cubs would have done this…

Yankees in Wizard of Oz Costumes

Apparently the New York Yankees have a tradition where they dress up their rookies in costumes as part of a “hazing” ritual.  This year they chose Wizard of Oz costumes.  I’ve been a baseball fan for years, but I’ve never known about this tradition until I found these pictures today. 

Of course, I’m not saying the Yankees are gay… or gay-friendly… and I’m not saying they’re NOT either.  But seeing a baseball player dressed as Dorothy– well, that just makes me giggle a little bit.