An ode to a dying iPod

My iPodOh dear, sweet iPod.

We have had such wonderful times together.

I remember the day I brought you home.  You were so shiny.  So new.  So exciting.

You came out of your box and seemed to beckon, “Play me.  Fill me with music.  Take me wherever you go.  Make me a part of your life, forever and ever.”

So I heeded your call, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

But lately, you’ve begun to show your age.

It all started on that drive to my mom’s house a few months ago.  You froze in the middle of a song– probably some 70’s disco tune– and I freaked out.  I figured it was just a glitch, and restarted you.. but I just got the “Sad iPod” icon.  I was crushed.  Lost.  Alone in the world.

When you miraculously started up again an hour or so later, I figured that whatever had gone wrong had fixed itself.  But I was wrong.  As time went on, the occurrences became more frequent– once every week, then once every other day.  Then every day.

Now I fear, the end is near.  You play half of a song and skip to the next one.  You won’t play when I hit “Play.”  And worst of all, you won’t sync anymore.  I’ve restarted, restored, reinstalled, resetted and retried everything more than once.  Nothing is working.

So, I believe our time together is coming to a close.

I must do something with you.  I’m glad I got that extended warranty on you… so I’m taking you in tomorrow.  They may repair you, or they may replace you.  Either way, the magic is quickly fading in our relationship.  It’s time for me to see other iPods.  So whether or not you remain a part of my life, a newer, better model will soon be coming to take your place.

Please understand… I didn’t want it to end this way.

Thank you for your trusty service.   Fare thee well, dear iPod.