Last night I had a crazy dream…

I’ve been a bit under the weather in the past few days.  I went to my new urologist yesterday morning with a splitting headache and feeling overally icky, but I figured it was just the weather.  Yet when they took my temperature, I found that something else was wrong… I had a fever of 101!  So I went home, took some Tylenol, got into bed and slept the day away.

The rest of the day was fairly hazy — aside from the awful storms we had in the afternoon.  By the time I was ready to retire for the day, I took a shot a NyQuil and hoped for the best.

Well somewhere in between the NyQuil, the fever (which had since subsided) and my stuffy nose, I had a batch of dreams unlike any I have had in recent memory.

Here’s what I can remember.  If you think I should be committed, please don’t be afraid to say so.  I kinda felt that way after waking this morning.

I’m much younger — probably in my teens to early twenties– and I’m in my parents’ garage, looking for something.  I’m opening cabinets and looking inside of boxes trying to find whatever it is.  Then I find it– a box containing a body.  A dead body.  I stifle a scream, because I don’t want anyone to hear.  I panic and quickly close the top to the box. I run in the house and tell my dad (who is obviously still alive in this dream) about my discovery.  He says “I don’t know what you’re talking about!  I never saw any dead bodies in the garage, and I was just out there earlier!”

I run downstairs into the basement, where my mom is doing laundry.  I ask her if she knows anything about the bodies.  She seems equally shocked, so we go to ask my sister if she knows anything about this.  She, took, is taken aback by this news. 

Mom suggests that my sister and I go back in the garage and see if we can find any more bodies.  We do, and we find at least 3 more.  So we go back to report the news to our dad.

“What is wrong with you kids?”  He says.  “It’s just a few dead bodies.  It’s nothing to worry about.” 

Suddenly we realize that our own father must be the killer.  We devise a strategy to confine him until we can get the police there, so I distract him while my sister ties him with a rope to his chair.  When the ropes started to cut into his arm, I wake up.

What the hell is the meaning of this dream!?  My DAD, a SERIAL KILLER!?  It’s preposterous. I had to calm myself down when I woke up, saying to myself, “My father was not a serial killer!  My father was not a serial killer!!”  And clearly, this was not the case.

But holy HELL did it freak me out.

Have you ever had any dreams that totally spooked you like this?  And what, if you are any good at analyzing dreams, does it all mean?

I’m laying off the NyQuil tonight, just to let you know…