What the heck are those?


So you might have seen those little colorful icons under my posts lately… those little buggers are called ClickComments. If you hover over them, you’ll see what each one represents. Each click means that my blog will get featured elsewhere in blogdom for people looking for items that relate to those little icons. And when you click on a subject it will bring up other posts on my own blog that have been rated similarly. It’s another new blogging networking tool, and it’s kind of neat.

So if you think my posts are (in order)  “Cool,” “Fun,” “Insightful,” or if you “Fell Asleep,” are “Confused,” or completely “Disagree” with what I say (and you don’t feel like writing a long, drawn-out comment),  just click on the comment button below the post.

Of course, I PREFER real, old-fashioned comments… but these are cool, too! 😀

Also, if you think this little doohiky is neat and you want it on your blog, click on the guy to the left… he’ll tell you all about it!