Ten Year Anniversary!

August 19 was the ten-year anniversary of this blog.

“What?” you are probably asking yourself, “How is that possible? Blogs have only been around for the last 4-5 years at least.”

Correct you are… but I’ve been doing this much longer than that.

OK, I started doing it ten years ago when I was getting ready to move to Chicago. Back then they weren’t called blogs, they were simply called “Online Journals.” And I started one ten years ago yesterday.

So, if you wanna get technical about it, my blog’s only been here for a little over three years. But I like to think this is a big day for the Launching Pad.

So, in celebration of that fact, I am re-posting the very first journal entry.

SCENE: 1997. I am 26 years old, still living at home with my parents. I had recently been hired as a Sales Representative for Six Flags Great America, and my sales territory is to be the downtown “Loop” area of Chicago. Part of the requisite for taking the job was that I had to move to Chicago– which was the reason I went for the job in the first place.

The Internet was fairly young at the time as well.  Web pages all used the standard 12-point Times New Roman font and had simple, http-based graphics.  Yet I had a web page already.  This was before I owned rcktman.com, mind you… but  it was a web page just the same.  I was using Windows 95 on what was probably a 486DX computer– maybe a Pentium I, I don’t remember.  In any case, it gives you an idea of how long ago 10 years really is.

So I’m 10 years younger, much less jaded, and a lot more upbeat about my life. Think Mary Tyler Moore Show— the male version. That was me.

Here goes:

August 19, 1997

Welcome, I guess… this is my first entry so I don’t even know where to begin. If you have visited my home page in the past, or know me, you know that the past few months have been really hectic for me. I’ve been in flux since July– Interviewing for the job that I start on Monday and getting ready for all the changes that are going to be taking place very soon.

The job at Six Flags requires that I move to Chicago. Presently I live in Kenosha, WI which is only about an hour’s drive to Chicago– in GOOD traffic. However, I am not upset about that.. it was actually a major bonus, if just getting the job in the first place wasn’t bonus enough. You see, I have wanted to live in the Chicago area for the last few years, and have been trying to find a job down there so I could do that. And, I have always known that I would end up working full-time at Six Flags, so this job is really a ‘dream come true’ in two senses.

But there are problems… it doesn’t pay that much in flat salary… at least not much more than I was making at Educators Credit Union, where I worked prior to this. I’m only making about $2,000 a year more. Pennies when you get right down to it. But at least I don’t have to make car payments anymore– I get a company car with the job! 🙂

The money worries me… I think I can afford to LIVE down there, but eating dinner may be a bit of a problem. We will see how that goes. I have done a budget analysis that says I can afford it, so I am not *too* worried about that. I’ll just have to take it a day at a time and see how things work out.

I won’t be moving to Chicago until October, so that gives me some time to save up for the big move. I have so much furniture to buy– bed, dresser, entertainment center, computer desk… all the stuff I have at home right now I’m leaving here. It’s old, ugly, and just not my style anymore 😉

I know I’m going to be IMMENSELY homesick for a while. Think about it, if you lived at home for 26 years, had mom and dad there for you ALL the time… and all of a sudden *BAM* you move out… that’s a BIG change! I am ready for it, but I just know that I’ll be nervous as hell for a while…

I’m moving to the Wrigleyville area in Chicago, a place I’ve always wanted to live.. even since I was a kid! I remember going to Cub games as a kid looking at all the big old houses and asking my mom “Mommy, why are all those houses so close together?” She just laughed at me. I’d never seen that before. I guess I’ve always been intrigued by that for some reason, because now I want to live in one of those places! 😉

Today I am going to go back to my Credit Union (where I worked) to get a Line-of-Credit loan so I can cover 1st month’s rent, security deposits, etc. I am then going to Chicago to meet up with my friend and future roommate Scott and his friend and also future roommate Chris. We are going to do some apartment hunting for the next few days… until we FIND one. Could be a major pain in the ass, or it could be pretty quick. We shall see. We all know what we want, and how much we want to spend, so finding the right place should be fairly easy.

Every Tuesday for the last few weeks we have been checking out the Chicago Reader online on Tuesday nights and downloading listings for the areas we want to live in. We then make phone calls and try to set up appointments. It’s a major pain-in-the-ass, let me tell you… but it will be all worth it if we find a great place.

So anyway it’s 2:00, I have to run.. get to the Credit Union, get a haircut, and get down to Chicago. It’s going to be a busy next few days!!!

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