YouTube Hilarity

Well, Hello! One of the best things about YouTube is that once a video achieves that echelon of “cult” status, and has everyone talking about it, people begin to make their own versions of the same video. Sometimes that’s done through re-enactments, and sometimes it’s done through pure parody.

Last week on Feast of Fools, Fausto and Marc interviewed Tay Zonday, the young grad student who wrote and starred in the video for his song “Chocolate Rain.” The song has spread like wildfire all over YouTube and the internet community, making something of a star of the unlikely musician-slash-director. Feast of Fools listeners were greatly divided over the relevance of such videos– but in a culture like this, where just about anyone can be a star overnight, it doesn’t come as such a great surprise to me.

The success of “Chocolate Rain” has brought about hundreds of parodies, and there are probably many more to come. But “Chocolate Rain” isn’t the only video being parodied all over the internet. Not by a long shot.

If you haven’t seen the clips of Brenda Dickson, former star of the daytime drama The Young and the Restless, in her self-produced, self-directed, self-written and completely self-promoting video entitled “Welcome To My Home;” you have been missing some true camp hilarity. The video was produced in the late 80s and shows the actress in her over-the-top glory. Here is Part One of this unavoidable train wreck:

Needless to say, it’s obvious that this video just SCREAMS to be parodied! Next is Part 2 of “Welcome To My Home” with a hysterical voice-over. Warning: I would recommend that you not eat or drink anything while you watch– you may either do a major spit take all over your computer, or choke yourself to death.

Finally, here’s a gay boy’s take on the World of Fashion a-la Brenda Dickson.

With gems like these, who needs television? What are some of your favorite “viral” videos? Have they been sufficiently parodied? Share them here and let’s see what other craziness is out there!