Good advice from a friend

My friend Ricardo sent this list of very helpful hints in an Email to all of our friends today. 

It’s good to have friends like Ricardo. 🙂

Free ways to make yourself look more attractive so you can get laid:
1. Ride the L instead of driving so you will run into people
2. Ride your bike along the lake and eye the cuties 3-4x/week
3. Walk/Jog along the lake and pretend you need CPR 3-4x/week
4. Reduce carbohydrates
5. Reduce sugar
6. Eliminate candy/pastries/beer from your diet
7. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
8. Join a support group
9. Join a church
10. Quit complaining

Good advice, isn’t it?  I think someone’s been reading my blog! 🙂