Help a brother out!

Feast of FoolsThe Feast of Fools needs your help… and since I’m a fan of their show, and have gotten to know everyone there fairly well on a personal level lately, I want to help them out in any way I can.

They’ve been nominated for two “People’s Choice” Podcast awards: “Best GLBT” and the top category “People’s Choice”, which is essentially a “Podcast of the Year” award for ALL podcasts.  This is a big deal in the world of podcasting.  As awards like these go, these are the most highly-respected of all, and could mean a lot of really great things for them in the future.  They’re actually considered the “Oscars” of podcasting.

So like American Idol, they need you to vote EVERY DAY in order to win.  And I really want them to win.  They are the only GLBT-related podcast up for the top award, and the first GLBT podcast to ever be nominated.

Go to and click on the large VOTE button to cast your daily vote, or just go directly to  Vote for them in the two categories: “People’s Choice” and “GLBT.” Be sure to check your email in case they want to validate your vote… they probably will.

If you’re wondering what the Feast of Fools is all about, visit their site: and give them a listen and join their online community to discuss pop culture, music and the show- check out the shows with Miss Ronnie (who lives just around the corner from me)- they are pretty damn hysterical.

Let’s face it… I won’t be winning any blog or podcast awards in my lifetime… 🙂  But I can do whatever I can to support my friends in their quest… so let’s all give ’em a hand!