Finally– Some GOOD News!!!

A few months ago, I shared with all of you that my sister has been trying to have a baby, without much success.  Shortly after my dad died, we found out that she was pregnant, but a short while later, we found that the pregnancy had ended.

They say “the third time’s the charm.”  My sister has tried three times now to conceive.  And I’m happy to report that this time it looks like it’s going to work out…

My sister is having TWINS!

It’s still fairly early — she’s two months along — but all vital signs are much stronger than last time.  Her doctors are much more encouraged by what they’ve been seeing, and the babies are healthy and doing very well.

It’s also too early to tell if I’m going to have a niece, a nephew, or both.  Not that it matters… we just want healthy babies!

So thank you for any prayers you have said, or good thoughts you have thought, for my sister.  She’s had a lot of wonderful support– from family and friends, from community members and her new, very supportive church.  I’ve actually never heard her sound so upbeat and positive.  I’m thinking that has a lot to do with it.  Much like my mom and how she looks at life– positive thinking, positive energy… it all works together to achieve a positive result.

Looking at her struggles and how she’s working to overcome them inspires me to do better in my struggles and to see the ‘silver lining’ on the clouds that have covered my skies as of late. 

“Uncle Rick”… I’m like the sound of that more and more each day!