I said a prayer today

God and I haven’t had the greatest of relationships.  But today I bent his ear for a few minutes.

This is what I said:

“God, I know you and I haven’t had much to do with each other lately.

I don’t ask for much, and don’t expect anything in return.

But this time around, I need your help.

Actually, my family needs your help.

Please help my sister and her husband to have a baby.

They have been trying so hard for so long, and they would be such wonderful parents.

They got good news today from a home pregnancy test, but they are waiting for the results from the doctor to confirm that.

She would be such a great mom.  And he would be such a wonderful dad.  Not to mention a great set of grandparents and uncles. The baby would be so loved and would be raised to be a bright and good person.

So please, God, do our family this one small favor.

Give my sister and her husband the baby they want so badly.


Whatever your convictions or beliefs…

if you could say a little prayer, or cross your fingers, or whatever you desire for my sister and her husband, I would greatly appreciate it.  And so would they.