Pride Parade wrapup

So June busted out all over last week in Chicago. All over the street, all over the sidewalks, and all over the rooftops. That’s cause it was time for the Chicago Pride Parade. And even though the weather wasn’t perfect (it was kind of chilly for most of the day), the parade was just as much fun as ever.

I had an out-of-town visitor for most of the weekend from Michigan. We had never met before, but chatted online. We had fun — yes, in more ways than just one — but his main purpose for coming to Chicago was to see his first Pride Parade. I think he got what he was looking for. 🙂

We went out to a newer bar in my neighborhood on Saturday called “SoFo Bar.” It’s around the corner and just down the street from me, and has become one of my favorite new ‘hangouts’ as of late. It’s got a nice, casual atmosphere, and there are always some interesting people there. We met two lesbians and spent the evening chatting with them. I’ve been saying I need more lesbian friends… so maybe this is a good thing.

We stumbled home late on Saturday and hit the sack in preparation for Sunday. And of course we got up late. My friends Phil and Steve had a huge party at their apartment on Halsted street, overlooking the parade route. The windows were pretty full of spectators by the time we got there, but I still managed a few photos. The whole set is at my Flickr account, but the best of the best are below.

I had threw out my back on Saturday at some point during the day… I’m not even sure what I did… but it made walking kind of difficult. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and keep on going. It’s getting better, thankfully… I swear I’m falling apart.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend. Hope you’re having a great week!

Hydrate Toga Party
Protest biker
Altoids bubbles
Green Diva
Snuggle Hug!
Cap'n Crunch!
Lots to see
Nice view
Smilin' Proud
You go Girl!
Phil and Joanna get their groove on
Casual stud
Jeremy and his Purrfect Pal