Me and my Pedometer, strollin' down the avenue…

My little PedometerFor the next six weeks, a large group of people at work are tracking how many steps they take for a program called “Step It Up!” Each of us was given a pedometer to wear throughout the day and track how many steps we take– from the moment we wake up until we go to bed at night. Then we record the number of steps into a spreadsheet, which calculates the number of miles we have walked for that day.

I was pretty proud of myself when I entered my first couple of days: Saturday I logged 6,127 steps, and Sunday I reached 4,092– which equal out to 3.07 and 2.05 miles, respectively.

I got to work on Monday, proud of my accomplishment– only to be toppled when one of my coworkers proclaimed they had walked 8,000 steps; and another boasted 10,000.

Good Jesus. I have some walkin’ to do!

Here’s how my week is going so far:

Day                  Date                 Steps    Miles

Saturday          6/2/2007           6,137     3.07

Sunday            6/3/2007           4,092     2.05

Monday           6/4/2007           3,300     1.65

Tuesday          6/5/2007           6,566     3.28

Wednesday    6/6/2007           3,060     1.53

As you can see, I really do need to step it up if I’m gonna compete with these young whippersnappers. Even though we are all on the same team (members can step in teams or as individuals), a little inner competition never hurt anyone.

At least this weekend is the Andersonville Midsommarfest. I’m guaranteed to get some good steppin’ in for that.

I’ll be tracking my progress here and proclaiming my goals once I actually set them. As for now, my goal is to at least hit about 6,000 steps every day. Obviously the days where I am much lower than 6,000 show that I am doing way too much sitting around. It’s kind of eye-opening if you really think about it.

Besides, I need to do whatever I can to get myself in better shape this summer. This seems like a good way to start!